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About this blog

Plumbing is considered to be one of the major components of a house. Its maintenance can often be very expensive. Since repairing or replacing is not just a break-fix but rather an investment to your house, when we have a plumbing emergency in our house, we need to get it fixed quickly with the help of a professional and well qualified Plumber Adelaide. It’s always a great idea to take time and check a few things before hiring plumber.

Here are few things to note:

1.    License:

This is the first step to ensure you’re hiring the right plumber for the job. You should first check if the Plumber Adelaide is licensed. Protect yourself from unscrupulous or unlicensed contractors no matter how urgent the repair may be. Check the plumber’s license number with your state license board to make sure it’s current and in good standing.

2.    Experience, Area of Specialty, and Equipment:

Experience is a critical factor. Homeowners often have to hire another plumber, or in some extreme cases multiple plumbers, to complete what the first plumber left undone. A plumber who does emergency break-fix will not be the right person to replace the sewer line in your house. You would have to look for a plumber who specialises in sewer lines and has the right equipment.

How can one ensure the plumber has the right experience and expertise?

Well, you simply ask them. But guess what? That’s not the smartest way, because they can lie to you just to get the job. Unless you have plumbing knowledge you won’t be able to qualify them. Don’t guess! Do an online research and educate yourself about the job. This way you would at least have an idea.
Don’t forget to ask around for referrals. They are always a good source of information. They may be able to help you with a reliable reference.

3.    Liability Insurance, Bond, and Worker’s Compensation:

Insurance, bond and worker’s compensation are essential to protect yourself in case of an accident or damage to your house. Make sure the plumber you’ll hire has liability insurance, is bonded, and carries worker’s compensation.

4.    Guarantee:

A qualified sewer plumber feels confident to offer you some kind of guarantee for a sewer repair or installation job. Be sure to ask about the specifications of the guarantee. This will ensure the quality and durability of their service.

5.    Time and Cost Estimate:

Experienced plumbers are typically on the expensive side and fairly busy. To ensure you hire the right person at the right time, ask a few good plumbers to give you a time and cost estimate before making a decision.

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