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Green Technology: Separating the Myths from the Facts

Green technology can be a confusing concept for many people, and one of the reasons for this is because there are no official criteria for what makes technology green. For example, an app on your smartphone, an energy efficient fridge and a wind turbine could all be categorised as green tech. Because of this, there are many misconceptions about green technology, and this can make it hard for consumers to make the best decisions. Here are a few myths that you may want to keep in mind when it com



Homeowner Help: Small Strategies That Add Big Savings to Your Energy Bills

The one thing that many homeowners will agree upon is that energy prices seem to be constantly heading in one direction only, with prices steadily increasing over the last few years and no signs of a reversal in the trend. When you consider that the average price rise for electricity has been somewhere around 30% over the last three years, it soon becomes clear that you need to adopt some savings strategies to keep a lid on the costs. Shop around Suppliers like Blue Star Energy offer a va



5 Crucial Tips for Using Your Power Generator Safely

Generators are of course extremely useful and provide a power solution in many difficult situations. They do however need to be treated with great respect and with safety a crucial consideration if you are to avoid some potentially dangerous situations. If you want to get the most from your diesel generators from Able Sales or other reputable supplier, here are some vital tips and advice to help you use your power generator as safely as possible. Don’t skip the instruction manual Probably



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