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How to turn your lawn into a vegetable garden

Luke Keegan turned his front lawn into a beautiful vegetable garden full of life. This is how he did it (full story on imgur):
This is my front yard as seen from my street in the middle of June.
Started by making 8 6'x4' raised beds with 1"x10"x10' reclaimed redwood barn siding
Filled the beds with free compost that the city gives away. You can see behind my girlfriend the garden that I put in parkway that used to be paved.


Seeds started sprouting quickly. I sowed many directly, and some I started in a small hoop house I made in the backyard. Almost all my plants I grew from seed.



Irrigation is a PITA.


Filled cinder blocks with compost too. They'll hold the wood chips off the sidewalk and create a honeybee sanctuary with lavender, rosemary, thyme, and basil planted in them.


This is one of my favorite features of the garden. I built a "free veggies" box to help spread the wealth. All sorts of people take what I offer up. I've seen people drive upand get out of there car just to check what's in the box. It is amazing how many zucchinis my neighbors will eat.



The view from the roof.

Again, the full story with even more photos can be found here.

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What a great story. I moved from the city to a more rural area, but so few took advantage of the sandy soil out here. I was able to grow such an excess (and yes particularly zucchini) that I was placing "free ads" throughout my harvests. Aside from growing my own food and feeding so many others, gardening is an incredible stress reducer. I love to see examples like this.

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I love this idea.  Thanks for posting your pictures, they are amazing.  I would love to do this to part of my yard it looks so neat and easier to maintain than grass. 

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