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Innovative Uses of Shipping Containers




2337292_204bd351.jpgIf someone told you 10 or 20 years ago that you will be in presence of such wonder as shipping containers are (and their multiple use!), you’d probably laugh it out. But, since you both are here now, there is nothing else to do but admit it’s what an amazing and functional piece of equipment shipping containers are. Even if you think they look bleak and plain, you are wrong – their design is pretty amazing, the choice of colors various and their use – stunning! Apart from being used in shipping industry, they are now known to be used in several innovative ways outside the industry as well. We give you some of the possible uses of shipping containers and it’s up to you to choose your favorite!

Multiple Innovative Uses

Shipping containers are not just a thing of outback – they are very well received in urban centers, too. Most often they are used as mobile offices on mining and construction sites due to their easy transport. On rural properties they usually serve as storage or even temporary emergency housing due to storms and other natural catastrophes.

You’d be surprised to know that these don’t only serve as temporary solutions – most are used as permanent homes, offices, establishments and a large number of architects got interested into adding some design and making them modern-looking dwellings. Great thing is that unlike homes built from scratch, choosing to go with a shipping container means you are not required to have the same approvals from various councils. Another positive aspect is that containers are already built to be airtight which means you won’t have additional expenses of insulation. Believe it or not entire complexes can be created from multiple, stacked shipping containers with one being at the cost of around $30,000.

Environmentalists worldwide have also embraced reused shipping containers! They can be easily outfitted with sliding glass doors, windows and all other features that will make it as functional as actual homes. Some people have even embraced the mix and match situation – they have ‘updated’ their homes by adding shipping containers as an extension in the purpose of it serving as a bedroom, a studio, home office, storage units, garages... basically for anything your heart desires.

Hotels, Stores, Mini-Malls and other

It is no secret that shipping containers are easy to put together, they are known for the speed of assembly and, maybe most importantly – for the lowered costs! Imagine just how much money you need to spend on concrete, bricks, wood, rebar, and other building materials! Include expensive transport and you’ve got yourself a huge bill!

This is why hotels worldwide are starting to embrace the notion of shipping containers as structures over conventional buildings. And it’s not just hotels – stores, mini-malls, summer houses and similar are pretty open to it too!

You’d be surprised to find out that another increasingly popular alternative use for the containers is student residences. They are bright, pleasant, and highly functional!

In addition to providing regular containers, most companies (if not all) offer the option of transforming containers with the addition of interior walls, windows, doors, electricity and water supplies to serve a variety of purposes, including home offices, change rooms, first aid rooms, temporary accommodation units, mine or construction site offices, ablution blocks, and much more.

The Future

If you think about it, the era of shipping containers is already here (and some pretty amazing at that) so can you even being to imagine how much the overall shipping containers business will advance in the upcoming years?

Shipping containers are incorporated into defence, road and rail, and a range of other projects and events. Still, this doesn’t mean their use as homes is over. With so many interested parties – designers, engineers and architects, we believe the multi-purpose uses of shipping containers will continue to grow worldwide.

So, what will YOU be using your shipping containers for?

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