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Common Infrastructure Projects That Are Making Our Communities More Efficient



The infrastructure of a community has been important since the beginning of time in all civilizations. Ancient builders in the Indus Valley created a system of indoor pipes and covered street channel to funnel away waste water. The ancient Romans perfected a transportation infrastructure. In modern times, the United States has developed an aviation infrastructure allowing for efficient global travel. Let's look at five key infrastructure areas.


Communities have to move goods and people from one place to another. Roads play a big role in this endeavor, but road systems must also use bridges and tunnels to get past natural obstacles. In addition to roads, communities use a system of trains and airplanes for transportation. Infrastructure such as airports, runways, train stations and train tracks must be built and maintained.

Solid Waste

Generating trash is part of daily life, but that trash cannot be allowed to pile up lest disease and filth take over. An infrastructure to collect and manage waste is essential in any community. Garbage trucks, recycling plants and landfills all must be acquired and maintained to keep the community running efficiently.

Water and Waste water

Providing clean water to residents and removing used water is an important service. Communities must install sewers, drains and pipes to move water from one location to another. Some areas may find they need systems to contain or maintain the volume in nearby bodies of water. Water transfer systems and dams help to meet this need. Companies such as T. Luckey Sons, Inc. are invaluable in providing repair solutions for projects like this.


Citizens in all communities use energy to power devices in their homes, businesses and daily lives. Transporting that energy safely is a must. Electricity poles and wires connect to virtually every modern structure that exists. In some of those structures, we also find natural gas pipelines. Each system must be designed and maintained by professionals to ensure safety.


In our modern era with its use of computers, smart phones and other digital devices having a telecommunications infrastructure is imperative to keep a community running efficiently. Cables and cell phone towers provide a constant ability to remain connected. This ability to exchange information instantly allows communities and their citizens to make decisions on a moment by moment basis.

Clearly, ensuring the smooth operations of a community requires more than just willing citizens and well-meaning government officials. Every community requires multiple infrastructures to operate efficiently and to provide a safe living environment for everyone.

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