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Travel Green: Manual 3

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This post is an continuation of Travel Green: Manual 1 and Manual 2.

Opt for green: Whether it is a hotel or a tour operator, its environmental initiatives should be codified as policy, thus proving its sensitivity about limiting its impact on the environment. Also, appreciation or concern about a company’s environmental efforts should be expressed either by a comment card or by sending a letter or e-mail to the manager. Generally, companies of all kinds should notice that tourists care about nature and are concerned about the green policy of their choices. The more the demand for greener tourism, the more will industries and companies adopt greener policies.

Public means of transport: It is fairly more difficult than using them in your own country or area, but it is highly recommended. Not only do they minimize your environmental footprint, but also allow you to see a place from the perspective of the locals.

Eat locally: Enjoying the drinks and foods of each destination is actually a greener holiday. Apart from bringing you closer to the local people and their culture, it also helps reduce emissions caused by shipping food around the globe. It also boosts local economy, helping the locals develop their area’s eco-tourism.

At the hotel: Make your own bed and notify the maids not to change your sheets daily, as it’s most often not needed. In that way you reduce water, energy and detergent use. That is, if your hotel does not already have a linen reuse programme.

Shoot digital: Digital cameras require far fewer chemicals and less paper, plus you can delete unwanted shots. Remember to always use rechargeable batteries.

Clean green: Use biodegradable, phosphorous-free soap and shampoo when camping or cruising to avoid adding damaging chemicals to oceans, lakes and rivers. REMEMBER: Phosphorous is one of the main chemicals that leads to eutrophication in marine ecosystems, causing their living organisms to suffocate.

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Great tips for saving the mother earth. And if you want to save for your travel expenses going outside the country LMT is there.. To find you what you need with a great deals..

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Why would anyone care about the identity of people taking part in research programs? It's not a crime or a shame but a way of helping pharmaceutical companies to develop better life saving drugs. If they endanger their health in the process and they were made aware of this possibility, that is only their fault

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It would be very good if we follow all those tips stated above to save the mother earth. All the bodies of water could have as clean as the one in the picture. Doesn't it look very beautiful? Start saving the earth now..

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