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Travel Green: Manual 2

Fishing at Sunset - Pacific Ocean , California

Creative Commons License Photo credit: moonjazz

Riding personal watercrafts is generally a not recommended choice. They pollute the air and water, but if used with care, they can be relatively harmless. Since they go in areas inaccessible for larger boats, they can damage fragile marine habitats. However, they can be ridden in a way that is negligible in terms of ecosystem damage, provided it’s in a controlled environment.

Riding ATVs is also accepted under specific rules. ATVs pollute and tear up the terrain, but are sometimes still the only way to get out into the wilderness. The key is to be respectful of your surroundings and not to disturb wildlife. Always ride on proper trails to avoid harming fragile habitats.

Fishing: Deep sea fishing is less preferred than catch-and-release. Generally, fish caught on a line is considered sustainable. Obey regulations regarding the season and size of the catch, and remember that many boats burn a lot of fuel and create air and water pollution. It should be done in moderation or not at all, and never just for a wall mount.

On the other hand, catch-and-release fishing is a fine way to get in tune with nature while leaving a relatively small footprint. Nevertheless, be very cautious with the fish so they are able to survive the release, and of course, use barbless hooks. Remember that catch and release should be practiced only on non-threatened species.

In the same way, hunting is a controversial subject. Good hunters have been among the first conservationists because they have been in tune with nature. Meanwhile, licensed hunting can be a responsible way to control the populations of animals that no longer have natural predators. This becomes more and more often as species become extinct. It is crucial to hunt by the rules, while maintaining an emphasis on habitat conservation.

This post is an continuation of Travel Green: Manual 1.

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since we are having problems in catching fishes this is a good way of catching them. They can help saving the jewels of the seas, on the bodies of waters. If you want to have a great one like this LMT can help you. They can always finds what i need and they can do that to everyone who needs their services. LMT have lot of great deals and services which is best to everybody.

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we should always protect our nature. Even in fishing we should follow the rules and regulations on catching fishes. So we can protect their life, the life under water and of course the jewels under the sea..

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