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Ryel Kestano
Ryel Kestano

Great Eco-Travel Destinations: New Zealand

Akaroa Harbour

Creative Commons License Photo credit: geoftheref

New Zealand has long been associated with the eco-travel movement, having implemented a number of eco-friendly practices in their tourist industry over the course of many years. Just about any outdoor activity can be enjoyed in an eco-friendly manner, from whale watching and bird watching to trekking, biking, and caving. There are hundreds of New Zealand guide and outfitting companies that specialize in eco-tourism; most of them care deeply about sustaining their local habitats and work with both local and national conservation organizations to promote sustainability.

Black Cat Cruises, an established marine tourism guide company in Lyttelton and Akaroa, is a great example of how conscientious many New Zealand guide companies can be. They use new and efficient engines and energy efficient lighting for their fleet, plan routes that travel the least distance, train all their staff in environmental awareness, and employ locals to reduce commuting times (among a host of other eco-friendly steps that can be found here).

New Zealand is renowned for its organic farming industry, with established internship programs for tourists who want to stay awhile and really get to know the local culture. Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF) is the largest and most established network of organic farming opportunities in New Zealand with hundreds of listings to choose from.

The indigenous Maori culture set the tone for properly living within the means of the land many hundreds of years ago and provide a unique opportunity for eco-tourists to see how these practices have influenced New Zealand culture as a whole. Respect Nature Tours is one outfitter that works closely with Maori by hiring them as guides, using Maori-run accommodations and supporting local Maori preservation programs.

Tourists can educate themselves on the best eco-friendly programs and outfitters by checking out sites like EcoTours New Zealand and the New Zealand Tourism Guide.

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Another exciting destination to become hot pot for eco friendly tourists is Libya. With illustrious green valley of Cyrene filled with primitive ruins if Greek & Roman creations, it’s a sensational temptation. With attractions like Temple of Apollo, Zeus & Demeter & planned ambience of villas, hotels & residences being created for attracting eco friendly tourists, it’s one super journey to cherish. To know more, refer: http://www.journeyidea.com/eco-friendly-libya-a...

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Guest OurExplorer Sightseeing Tours


New Zealand is a very beautiful country to travel to. It is nice to experience local life and customs when possible. A nice local personal guide will be helpful and make the trip more interesting.

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New Zealand attracts lots of travelers through its natural beauty, i think its a best eco travel destination. Its renowned for its organic farming industry.  Travelling in New Zealand is unique opportunity for eco-tourist.

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So stunning. Definitely going to add this to my list of things we want to do with the family in the next few years. So glad you are willing to share your experience..thanks!  

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Thanks for sharing the Eco friendly place for tourism.I really like your piece of information,it so defined and descriptive.New Zealand is a Beauty. http://www.aussiecampervans.com/

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