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Studio Hybrid: Dell's New Green Computer

The Dell Studio Hybrid

Earlier this May I reported that Dell was going to sell a "never before seen" eco-inspired computer with a bamboo casing later this year. We could also see an early design concept of the computer. And now Dell has released their brand new eco-friendly computer, the Studio Hybrid. It’s small and it looks great.

According to Dell the Studio Hybrid is their "smallest, most personalized and most environmentally responsible consumer PC" to date. The computer is about 10% smaller than the average desktop minitower. It also uses up to 70% less energy and is Energy Star 4.0 compliant.

"Our goal was to design a desktop that fits in the office or in the living room, or anywhere space is at a premium," said Michael Scheschuk, Dell desktop product marketing. "We've created a desktop PC category that combines style, performance and a high degree of energy efficiency."

Dell has also designed the computers packaging to be more environmentally responsible:

  • Reduced packing materials about 30 percent by weight as compared to typical tower desktops.
  • Packing materials are also 95 percent recyclable.
  • Reduced printed documentation 75 percent by weight on average as compared to typical tower desktops.
  • System recycling kit is included.

You also have the option to personalize the computer with six external "jewel-toned color bamboo sleeves." If you choose the more eco-friendly bamboo case it will unfortunately cost you $130 extra.

The Dell Studio Hybrid starts at $499 and is available at www.dell.com/hybrid

Has eco-friendly computers finally gone mainstream?

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This is a great way of saving space if you don't have enough room for an usual computer. I think the new computer is more than "the new black", it's "the new green". At least, I hope so. It's great that it is eco-friendly, we ought to pay more attention to the environment, but we shouldn't forget that it is a regular computer inside its case. If I'll buy it, I'll also get a free registry cleaner download, because the appearance, its case can't protect a PC from viruses, whether it is a regular one, one made of bamboo, or it has jewel-toned color bamboo sleeves on it.

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