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Research shows that PlayStation 3 uses 500% more energy than a refrigerator

Sony PlayStation 3

The Australian Consumer Association recently published a list on Computer Energy Costs for various home gadgets such as your computer screen, DVD player, cordless telephone, gaming console, laptop etc.

Interesting with this list is that it shows how much energy these gadgets consume weekly, monthly as well as yearly, even when they are supposed to be off.

According to the study, the Sony PlayStation 3 consumes 33.34 kWh (weekly consumption) when on and playing a game. That is more than a Plasma TV who uses 29.68 kWh when on and playing a DVD.

When the same game console is off (back switch on) it still consumes 0.30 kWh. Microsoft's Xbox 360 consumes 0.40 kWh when off and 26.00 kWh when on and playing. The Nintendo Wii is a bit better, it consumes 3.14 kWh when on and playing a game. But it consumes 0.32 kWh when off (WiiConnect24 is off). That is more than PlayStation 3.

"Our tests also found that leaving a PlayStation 3 on while not in use would cost almost $250 a year in electricity bills (charged at 15c per kWh). This alone is around five times more than it would take to run a refrigerator for the same yearly period.

The Xbox 360 was not far behind the PlayStation 3 in energy usage costs per year, serving as an important reminder to turn off videogame systems after use."

The only way to be sure these energy hungry gadgets don't consume energy (and your money) is to make sure they are switched off and unplugged when you are not using them.

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As a gamer, this is very disturbing news! The ideal way to power game consoles is to buy those power outlet strips that shut off all power to a console when not in use.

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While not used for gaming, the PS3 "wastes" cycles contributing to a distributed network of machines dedicated to gene folding research. The diseases which the Folding@Home project stands to address are too numerous to address. Compared to other supercomputers, the networked PS3s would be in the highest quintile on the Green500 list in terms of power consumed per cycle, and future power reductions are found in the latest generation of PS3 chips.

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