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Miguel Dias
Miguel Dias

New Technologies: The way to save the planet

Nowadays the concerns about the environment are very present in the minds of more and more people. Maybe because of the huge amount of information that circles on the internet in site and blogs like this one, because they saw it on the TV, or because they have already suffered from some of the effects of climate change: floods, extreme drought, heavy snow storms, etc.

Some of the solutions presented to prevent or decrease the effects of global warming are, as we all know: Drive you car less times, use public transports, shutdown all electric devises when they are not in use, recycle etc.

Though we would like that every person in the world stopped using their personal car and started using public transports, shutdown all electric devises, stopped wasting energy and water. The truth is that won’t happen in the near future, because there will be always some "fool" doing the exact opposite of what is needed and because people don’t change their habits in a couple of days. So what we need is to develop new technologies to the max, only they will make us save this planet. Only technology will make us use less oil and start using renewable energies.

I don’t know if you have noticed already but everything you use on your day, from your clothes to the computer you are using to read this, is a product of human technology. So, as good old human technologies they are, they consume energy produced mainly by the burning of oil, and this is the main cause of global warming, as the most of you may know. Because of that some years ago the idea of using wind, water, the sun and others as energy sources came out to outcome the global warming problem. But, has many new technologies, they had a lot of downsides that kept people way from them.

Though they've improved a lot since those days, due to scientific research, they still have a long way to go, for example: windmills need to become noiseless, and harmless to birds and bats; solar panels need to improve their efficiency, now days it’s only of 25%; electric dams need to decrease their impact on the surrounding environment; and so on... But when we talk about new technologies, renewable energies are only the tip of the iceberg. There an entire world of electronic devices that need to become more energy efficient; cars need to stop having their engines working on gas; houses need to have better isolation, to avoid energy losses.

Those are some of the reasons for why we should invest more and more on new technologies and on their research. Without them the planet we know and love won’t last much longer…

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Agreed. It'll take major changes on all levels to achieve energy independence, oil irrelevance, and a minimal impact on the environment. But, windmills will never be silent or harmless to flying creatures. Check out Darius-type windmills for city use as a possible local solution in some places. One of solar's major problems is getting the power from where it's generated to where it's used (think big changes to grid technology, and peak versus off-peak load). I'm hoping to see each community leverage it's local assets and potential to produce as much power locally, rather than one or two massive generators connected to massive nation-wide grid. And I love buying local food (too bad Congress killed COOL, eh?) -T.S. Ackerman

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Good Morning, we are a group of students from Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna. We are taking a course on Social Entrepreneurship and as part of our course requirements we have been a assigned the task to collaborate with Minteos S.r.l. (www.minteos.com), an awesome “green†start-up located in Turin, Italy. Minteos has received major recognition from the most important start-up competitions in Italy and has received funding form US VC (for a list of prizes and events where Minteos has been featured please see: http://www.minteos.com/?p=426). The company has developed a fantastic wireless technology (hardware and software), what they call “the internet of natureâ€, which enables people to communication with nature in real time. In essence, Minteos’ products are monitoring systems to prevent fire, flooding or gas leakages and sensors to capture motion of hydraulic structures or to control water and air quality. Their products have a great social impact because they allow monitoring the “health†of nature and so to prevent natural disasters and improve the harmonious coexistence between humanity and mother nature. Minteos holds several patents for some of its technologies. It won the “Mind the Bridge†competition too (a business plan competition jointly organized with Stanford. For see:

) The reason why we wrote is to inform you about the technology of Minteos and to ask what you think about. In our opinion, this is a great solution to prevent natural disasters made by climate changes. We’d be delighted to provide you with whatever information you might need in order to assess the company and its transformational potential. We will be grateful to riceive your opinion.
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