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Top 10 most wind plants built in Europe 2007

Top 10 most wind plants built in Europe 2007It's a brand new year for Europe, and for the European Union member states is has started with "tough" greenhouse gas emission targets being set. The new targets require that a certain amount of renewable energy will be installed in every member state. It's different amounts depending on the size and ability of each and every country.

So how well are the different European countries doing? Well, that’s too early to say right now, but here is a list on the ten countries who have built the most wind plants in Europe last year:

  • Spain - 3522
  • Germany - 1667
  • France - 888
  • Italy - 603
  • Portugal - 434
  • UK - 427
  • Sweden - 217
  • Netherlands - 210
  • Greece - 125
  • Poland - 123

And this is the total amount of wind plants they currently have:

  • Germany - 22247
  • Spain - 15145
  • Italy - 2726
  • France - 2454
  • UK - 2389
  • Portugal - 2150
  • Netherlands - 1746
  • Greece - 877
  • Sweden - 788
  • Poland - 276

Please note that this last list do not show all European countries or member states. It only lists the top 10 wind plants builders in 2007.

Image credit: Strollers. Image licensed under a

Creative-Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.

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Having recently lived in Germany and now in Spain, I can attest to the number of windpower generators scattered around the countryside. Driving out of Düsseldorf in the direction of Belgium there a literally hundreds of them scattered along the autobahn, and it's a rare drive when you don't see another convoy of trucks carrying the various components for the tower, generator, blades etc. In fact just on the Belgian border there is a reststop with a dedicated runway for these trucks to park up while the drivers have a coffee, and it gives casual viewers like me a great chance to see them up close. They are huge! In Spain I was even more amazed with the scale of the project, drive from Pamplona to Zaragoza and then turn towards Madrid and you could easily see a couple thousand wind generators within a half hour drive, quite spectacular. But what I find most interesting about your list is the relative number of wind generators in large countries like the UK, France and Italy compared with smaller population countries such as Portugal and the Netherlands. I understand that France has nuclear so may feel they don't need as many wind generators but the UK I don't understand, in fact it would be a very interesting to see the percentage of clean energy supply versus dirty energy supply in the same list of countries. I consider nuclear to be relatively clean, whereas coal and hydro-electric (downstream damage) to be dirty in terms of their effect on the environment.

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We could perhaps compare these figures to the destruction of the ecological balance in these countries: since blades chop birds of prey who are not "clever" enough to realise that they are in danger, so rats etc. are finally freed from their natural enemies. Man responds by placing more poison in the environment to get rid of the unexplainable rise in rodent numbers. Meanwhile can anyone tell me the name of a single "dirty" power station that has closed down because of the effects of wind power? Come on, guys, get real: wind power is a devastatingly destructive industrial eyesore dressed up by dishonest corporations as an environmental advantage, but which in reality as well as destroying the natural balance does nothing at all to address either human greed or global warming, the two main issues here.

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