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Green Web Hosting Alternatives

It takes a lot of energy to power and maintain servers for a web host. Therefore one of the most important things you as a blogger or webmaster can do is to choose a green web host.

With green web hosts I mean hosting companies that power their servers with renewable energy such as wind and solar power. Some of these green web hosts generate their own energy via renewable energy sources. Other web hosts offers carbon offsetting, discounts to non profits, letting their employees telecommute, etc.

Please check out our Green Web Host page for a more up-to-date list on Green Web Hosting Alternatives.

  • WebCtel - Solar powered hosting

  • SolarWebWorks - Solar powered hosting

  • EcoSky - Both wind and solar powered hosting

  • The Green Web Host - Mostly wind but other energy sources too

  • Locomotive Media - Wind powered hosting

  • Elfon - Wind powered hosting

  • SustainableMarketing - Wind powered hosting

  • Aiso - Solar powered hosting

  • Dreamhost - Insure that the power they use is generated in an ecofriendly manner. This is typically wind or solar, but it could also be biogas or geothermal.

  • Acorn Host - Sustainable growth, Non-profit discounts and purchases Green Certificates. Green-blog.org uses Acorn host and we are so far very happy with the service.

  • Green WebHost - Solar powered, paperless and will also plant a tree on your behalf.

  • Athenaeum - Solar powered hosting

  • Ilisys - Solar and wind powered hosting. Will also plant a tree on your behalf.

So which host should you choose then? Which is the best? I am sorry but I can’t tell you which host is the best because I haven’t tested all of them. You should always do a background check on any host you are interested in. See if they got some testimonials from customers. But any of these web hosts are better than your current one that isn’t doing anything at all to prevent global warming.

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If you know any other green web hosts please let us know by making a comment. If you have used or use any of these web hosts please share your experienced from them here. :)

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When I set up my green blog I thought it was important to "walk the talk" and chose Asio as my green host. Their service is great and any problems that I have are swiftly addressed. I highly reccommend them. anna hackman, www.green-talk.com

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We are happy to also recommend our service, GoGreen Hosting at http://www.gogreenhosting.com/ Established in 2005 to respond to the need of cleaner more sustainable practices for our own websites, GoGreen is committed to assisting in increasing awareness the impact we all have on the delicate balance of our environment. Our hope is that our global neighborhood will place value in the support of eco business that balance economic goals with a sense of responsibility for the health of the planet and its people by associating in a natural and amicable way.

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Guest Minnesota Green Homes Agent


How do I find a Green web host here in Minnesota? I love the idea. Minneapolis has a long way to go before we can be called eco-friendly. I am part of a group of concerned Minneapolis REALTORS who are making Green Homes in Minnesota a household word. We need a our Minneapolis MLS to help us market Green homes. We work with Minnesota Green builders and Green home buyers to search for just the right MN Green Homes for sale. If you are interested in Minnesota Green Real Estate homes, please contact one of our helpful green REALTORS in MN

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Minnesota Green Homes Agent: It can be a bit hard to find a local green web host. If I were you I would try one of the following green web hosts: Greenest Host and Aiso. They are both companies located in the USA and they power their own severs with renewable energy.
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I got good information about hosting and blogging thanks for the information about hosting and blogging. Just I also want to let you know that you can find best web hosting from here we are providing low cost unlimited web hosting for all of bloggers and sites owners to find growth in business. And also you will get best optimization of your sites and blogs. Thanks.

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