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14 Facebook Groups and Applications That Helps You Save Our Environment

Here are 14 applications and groups for Facebook, a social networking website, which will easily help you to save our environment and climate. If you know about any others please let us know by making a comment.

    Plant trees:

  1. iChapters will plant one tree for every person that joins their Facebook page. Their goal is to plant 100,000 trees.
  2. For every ten people who joins TreeNation's group they'll plant one tree.
  3. Hotspex will plant one tree with your proverbial 'name' on it if you join their group.
  4. If you add this application to your Facebook account Outreach International will plant one tree.
  5. Earthkeepers Facebook application allows you to plant virtual trees and share seeds with your friends. Each tree grown to adulthood will be planted in the real world to fight deforestation, desertification, and drought.
  6. For every 50 people who joins EcoTopia's group they will plant one tree.
  7. You can plant a sponsored tree for free, or buy a tree for $1, if you add PlantYourTree.com's application to your Facebook account. Plant-trees.org's application is similar and allows you to buy a tree for $1.
  8. Reduce your carbon footprint:

  9. With this application from Big Green Switch you can put yours and your Facebook friends' eco-credentials to the test by issuing and completing challenges to reduce your carbon footprints.
  10. The Climate Pledge application allows you to "pledge" any number of actions to reduce your contribution to global warming. Then you can invite your friends to do the same, and watch as your total reductions (your pledges, plus all of your recruits) add up.
  11. With the MakeMeSustainable Facebook application you can see your impact on a larger scale by tracking both the actions you take to reduce your carbon footprint and your ability to mobilize your community and friends.
  12. Other:

  13. Help re-green Greensburg! This Facebook application will donate $1 towards replanting the trees in Greensburg if you add it to your account.
  14. The We Campaign application lets you earn points from actions you take. For every 10 points you earn a donor will give $1 to help halt global warming.
  15. For every 25 people that join this group £1 will be donated to help solve climate change through C&C.
  16. Yatrips application makes it easy for you to share rides to the places you want and need to go with your friends and to make new friends, while directly helping to reduce climate change.

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It never ceases to amaze me that so many people believe that planting more trees is our way to environmental salvation. Not that planting trees is a bad thing, but many of the groups listed in the article deliver questionable results - is it really more than a little feel-good action, or is it something that will have a demonstrable effect. It's part of the social network phenomenon - it's so easy to click and join, and it's also so easy for a little misinformation to go a long way.

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Tom, thanks for your comment. You are correct. Just planting trees is not the solution. But it's one piece of the puzzle. There are a lot of applications and groups on Facebook that promises to do a lot of good things. I think I've found the ones that actually delivers. If you believe any group or application is not doing what it promises please let me know.

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Great post. Similar to purchasing Green Tags, these Facebook Groups are not the solution, but they have a positive overall effect on the environment, whether through their direct actions or simply by spreading the right attitude. They are time better spent than joining groups such as "I tried to ford the river but my f&%!@ oxen died"... I added this post my companies blog (http://sincerealyyours.wordpress.com/), thanks for the info.

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Very similiar to the Earthkeepers Facebook app we have created an app that allows you plant a virtual tree in your own backyard using a Google map. Our goal is collect 1 million signatures to petition the Australian Government to plant 1 billion trees in Australia. You can find out more about our project at www.onebilliontrees.com.au and you can sign the petition and plant your own virtual tree at www.facebook.com/onebilliontrees

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