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Severe droughts and heatwaves in Argentina, Australia and California

Lake Hume at 4% - 6531

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As a top German scientist warns that climate change is accelerating, while 2008 ends up being the tenth warmest year ever recorded and a NOAA study shows climate change is "largely irreversible for 1000 years" we hear news about severe heatwaves and droughts in Argentina, Australia and USA.

Australians are currently facing a severe heatwave with temperatures of 40-plus Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) for the southern parts of the country, making it the worst heatwave in 100 years. And the Australian government says it's a sign of climate change.

"Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said the heatwave, which started on Wednesday, was the sort of weather scientists had been warning about.

"Eleven of the hottest years in history have been in the last 12, and we also note, particularly in the southern part of Australia, we're seeing less rainfall," Wong told reporters.

"All of this is consistent with climate change, and all of this is consistent with what scientists told us would happen.""

In Argentina the people are currently facing a year long drought that has killed an estimated one million animals and destroyed thousands of acres of valuable crops.

"Skeletons of livestock are piling up in the scorching sun of the Southern Hemisphere's summer as the worst drought in a generation turns much of Argentina's breadbasket into a dust bowl.

The nation's farm sector stands to lose $5 billion this year alone — a huge blow to the economy of Argentina, a top world exporter of soy, corn, wheat and beef — as well as to the government of President Cristina Fernandez, which faces billions of dollars in debt payments this year.

Wheat fields that once supplied flour for pasta-loving Argentines now resemble deserts, and spiny thistles are all that survive on cattle ranches in southern Buenos Aires province."

And in California, USA, a new study has showed that the state is facing one of the worst droughts in its history as the winter snow levels is only at 61% of normal levels.

"The state, which produces about half the United States' vegetables and fruit, is in its third year of drought and its main system supplying water to cities and farms may only be able to fulfill 15 percent of requests, scientists said.

The snowpack on California's mountains is carrying only 61 percent of the water of normal years, according to the survey by the state Department of Water Resources. Last year the snowpack held 111 percent of the normal amount of water, but spring was the driest ever recorded.

"California is headed toward one of the worst water crises in its history, underscoring the need to upgrade our water infrastructure by increasing water storage, improving conveyance, protecting the (Sacramento) Delta's ecosystem and promoting greater water conservation," Schwarzenegger said in a statement.

"We may be at the start of the worst California drought in modern history," added Water Resources Director Lester Snow in a separate statement."

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Since the ice age the earth has been warming up, it is called global warming. CO2 is heavier than air and makes up 0.0375% of air. Oxygen makes up 20% and nitrogen makes up 79% all other gases make up the last 1%. Temp on moon is 110 C it is hot, and so is the space around Earth, thermosphere 110C, the Earth cools in the Stratosphere due to adiabatic cooling, temp -170C. Greenies dont seem to care what temp. space is and prefer to think it is cold, think about it, stand in front of the sun and you will get hot, you dont have to be a rocket surgeon to work this out, open up a text book and turn off the propaganda machine ie TV. If global warming is here why is there still snow at Perisher. WAKE UP the worlds fat controllers want to introduce an International Tax, the Carbon Tax, they want all taxes to be Int. for the Int. banking state want to rule us. Who is the USA and Aust getting into debt with, the Int Bankers thats who, and now they are bigger than countries and accountable to no one, they want to steal our sovereignty.

I am going out to buy some expensive software to beat the Y2K bug for it is true.


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The weather has been nuts these last couple years. I almost expect it to snow in LA this month. Here's hoping we can figure out what to do before the ramifications change the environment so much that we need to adapt. Should be an interesting next 50 years, that's for sure.

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