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Cities In America Running Out of Water? Why Yes!

The town of Orme, Tennessee here in the United States is on the worst water restriction ever! They can only have water pumped into their quaint little mountain town for three hours a day, and it is outsourced from elsewhere to boot! I've got to say, places like Atlanta, Georgia are next on the list, expecting to run out of water by the end of the calendar year!

Why is this you ask? Well, I could say it's Global Warming, but it's more complicated than even that! Oh, why yes, it is Global Warming, but it's also the greed of human beings as well!

See, the entire Southeast United States, as well as the Western states, have been in a drought for the last 18 months. Even with the appearance of the El Nino (INSO) event, the driness has continued on to this very day. Politicians are pointing fingers instead of helping one another to come up with proper solutions. Oh, but isn't that just so typical, now isn't it?

These folks are fighting over who is responsible for the water usage, and who should have access to it. Boy, disasters can bring out the best as well as the worst in folks, now can't they? I will keep everyone up-to-date on this developping story as it unfolds.

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Many states throughout the nation are experiencing increasing demand on water supplies that are rapidly dwindling due to recent drought conditions. State and local governments in Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and California have declared states of emergency for entire counties and issued public advisories for residents to immediately make sharp cuts to the amount of water they are using. They are also asking consumers to consider long measures to minimize future demands on this finite resource. In some of the affected areas it is not unusual to find restaurants offering bottled water and serving customers’ orders on paper plates in an attempt to reduce water usage. Some water-wise people are not washing their cars and leaving yards un-watered due to local restrictions. But is this enough? It’s exactly situations like this that AquaPro Solutions headquartered in western North Carolina has been concerned about. Their co-founder, Marc Wallingford, has been instrumental in educating people about the importance of water conservation and what businesses and homeowners can do to help. According to Mr. Wallingford, “A few products people should consider using are waterless urinals, ultra-low flush flapperless toilets, low flow showerheads, and water saving sink aerators. The residents of such affected areas would be wise to consider these measures.†Already, many municipalities have made changes to local building codes that require the installation of water conserving fixtures for all new construction. AquaPro Solutions has partnered with engineers, designers and architects throughout the U.S. to offer water conservation solutions and products for construction projects as well as existing businesses who would like to use water more efficiently. One of the benefits of saving water is saving money on utility bills, causing corporations and homeowners alike to benefit from installing up-to-date high efficiency fixtures. “Just replacing older toilets with flapperless low-flush models can reduce the average homeowner’s water bill by up to thirty percent,†said Mr. Wallingford. “As people are becoming increasingly aware of this, we are experiencing so many sales that it is possible we could get logged with back orders. These new products are wonderful.†Another way that homeowners can reduce water usage is by installing a greywater reclamation system. This device allows people to re-use shower water to flush their toilets or water their lawns. Sound odd? Not at all. Greywater recycling has been around for years. Recent technology and re-design have made these systems more affordable, efficient and easier to install and maintain. While the water that is missing from reservoirs will be difficult to replace, consumers can make decisions now that will help prevent future crisis. If everyone one does their small part, a giant impact can be made regarding the larger problem. While there is no overnight "fix" for the current water shortage, a little bit of conservation and common sense can go a long way. Water conservation is definitely the wave of the future. http://www.aquaprosolutions.com

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