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Chris Keenan
Chris Keenan

Ecorotic Ratings Make Good Vibes' Toys Unique

There are a range of green products in the market nowadays; if you think of a product, chances are, there is an eco-friendly version of it. Now the same can be said for San Francisco-based Good Vibrations, an adult store that has adopted “ecorotic†ratings, which inform consumers about how environmentally friendly an adult-themed product is.

Good Vibes uses leaves to represent how green an item is, and their products can receive up to six leaves. Each leaf represents a specific ratings factor: body safe, free of animal products, rechargeable, natural ingredients, recyclable materials, and U.S. made.

Good Vibrations spokeswoman Camilla Lombard explained that the company wanted to provide transparency for consumers, so that they know precisely what they are buying. According to Lombard, “Our top five products are consistently Ecorotic items, generating over 25 percent of overall monthly sales on average, and revealing that the market supports customer awareness around quality, materials, and ingredients for sensual products. . . . So green is good for business, at least in our case!"

Good Vibes is also a unique adult company because they have gone above and beyond the status quo by making groundbreaking research on phtalates, which were found to disrupt hormones. Consequently, Good Vibes ceased the sale of all items that contained the product in 2007, and the company notes, “Being made of materials that have been tested for safety can also warrant a product's inclusion on our ecorotic® list. None of our toys contain phthalates, a plastic softener which have been linked to cancer and damaging sperm. As we learn information about other materials, we adapt our selection to incorporate new findings.â€

Sex toys may not be the most politically friendly subject, but many people use them (even if they are hidden behind the garage door), and it's certainly good to know that there are green adult products currently available on the market. So if you were thinking of getting that special someone a super sexy gift for the holidays, birthday, or a special occasion, Good Vibes certainly seems like a responsible and fun selection.

What are your thoughts on this edgy, risqué company? Please let us know in the comments!

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I agree with the author that although the product category as such may be "controversial", it's great that they also try "to do their bit". If we really want to change behavioural patterns and old paradigms, as well as wanting to save the planet, we need to spread the message everywhere, even if some companies or behaviour as such are not our favourites. :)

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Good vibes first of all it is very erotic name for all women as they are aware of these vibes and secondly the product of this company as  all women would definitely cheer up for it http://adventuresinbed.com/store/home.php?cat=33

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