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Do you know what you eat? Advertising campaign from Greenpeace

Do you know what you eat?

Greenpeace hired the design firm BBDO from Moscow to tell consumers about genetically-modified organisms. The text in the ad says:

Do you know what you eat? The DNA of genetically modified plants may contain the genes of insects, animals or even viruses. These products may potentially cause harm to your health. Look for GMD free sign on the package.

The above image is cropped. More and full images after the jump:

Greenpeace ad 2

Greenpeace ad 3

Agency: BBDO Moscow

Brand: Greenpeace

Art-director: Gio Popiashvili (idea), Fabiano Marques

Copywriter: Ilya Petrov, Tanya Moseeva

Cliet service: Anya Bogdanova

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I've wondered what would come of our food with genetic modifications and it does make sense that certain pests or even helpful insects dna might be used. I guess they do testing on these pests to see which ones flourish or perish at the hands of their modifications. Whoa.

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the ads are really cool. im doing an art assignment on gmf and we have to make an advertisement. my group are going from a similar angle to these ads. we have used a 'poisoned apple' to convey the meaning of 'you dont know whats in it' ps. sorry about the punctuation, when posting comments i dont usually use punctuation or capitals.

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To be sure, I'm against GMOs but not for the reasons given in this posting or the replies. We aren't what we eat! Anyone who's studied the digestive system knows that we are not bacteria. It's a rare human that directly absorb into their bloodstream the DNA and protein that that they consume and this is pretty much how it'll have to happen for GMOs to directly affect your health. Our stomachs break down what we eat into smaller molecules; basically digestion disassembles DNA, RNA, proteins and most carbohydrates so that we can reuse the part to repair and grow our bodies. Most of the bigger pieces that the stomach doesn't breakdown get broken down in our liver. This fact is why we rarely get internal illnesses from the millions of viruses and bacteria that we eat daily, instead we get diarrhea, dysentery, food poisoning and such disease that are contained within the stomach. The bigger threat from GMO comes from its effect on the little guys and the environment in general. Those GMO producing SOBs know this but try to bury it by making the "you are what you eat" SOBs seem legitimate but incompetent. The little guys are bacteria and viruses and they're famous for taking in strands of DNA and RNA and proteins and claiming it as their own. And when they do, it changes them. UNDERSTAND THIS if nothing else! - feed them antibiotics in inadequate amounts and the ones with natural DNA or RNA-based resistance will multiply and leave their DNA and RNA lying around when they die. The ones without resistance but were not killed due to inadequate amounts of antibiotics will take up the DNA and RNA that's lying around and gain the resistance from them. Pretty soon all you have are antibiotic resistant bacteria and viruses - sounds familiar, do you heed those warnings? The fact is they can take up DNA or RNA from just about any creature. ...but it doesn't end there... Check this out - the AIDS virus hijacks your cells by forcing it's DNA into your cells' DNA. When your cells need to make a certain thing they go to the part of the DNA that tells them how to make it and get to work... the only problem is they're not making what they want 'cause the AIDS DNA is there so they're actually making AIDS viruses - neat huh? Anyway, those GMO producing SOBs use these same three processes/ideas to make their GMO crap. They know full well that the GMOs won't hurt you directly and that's how they'll always steer the argument and that's why they'll win 100% of the time . The real danger is that a pest resistant GMO plant can pass on the pest resistance DNA to a bacteria or virus who then pass it on to another weed. You're thinking "great all we need is another pest resistant weed - that not a serious topic!" Well, what if the resistances was developed for a food plant so we could us a famous weed killer that the same GMO SOBs made (look it up, it's real), and that resistance was passed on to another weed that could out-compete another food plant? You'd have an unstoppable weed-killer-resistant weed that can also destroy our food supply. Not scary enough for you? Picture a GMO hog food plant with growth-stimulating properties to make our hogs nice and plump. Virus comes along, picks up growth-stimulating DNA chunk and infects human cells making them grow uncontrollably... tada!! you've got cancer for ever organ and tissue type of the human body! This is what you should be worried about and this is what you should be fighting them with. Remember this is not science fiction; the GMO producers use the same principles, they just speed it up a bit. The devil is in the details... don't mess with the environment!

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