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Liz Thompson

Vivesana a Safer Sunscreen


It is definitely time to get the sunscreen out, but with so many chemical and not-so-natural versions on the market it can be very difficult to choose one that is safe.  In the past natural sunscreen product manufacturers used zinc oxide to provide UV protection.  And though it is safe and effective, it leaves behind that ghostly white skin we all wish to avoid.  So the next scientific breakthrough was the use of nanotechnology, the creation of incredibly small particles — measured in nanometers (nm), or one-billionth of a meter. This took care of the white film, but recent evidence shows that these nanoparticles may pose risks to the environment.  Not a great trade-off.

Not to despair, there are some terrific sunscreen products on the market that are safe, effective, free from nanos and leave your skin, well – skin colored.  Vivesana is a new product line that presents major breakthroughs in organic sun care.  The products are free from harmful synthetic ingredients, nanoparticles and even water, providing a stronger sun product.

Vivesana (which means “live healthy†in Italian) products are at least 40 SPF, hypoallergenic, packaged in BPA-free containers and boast the highest organic content of any sun care products on the market.  Those at Vivesana take your health and sun protection very seriously.

The line includes three sun care products:

Solar to Polar Ultra – Chock full of hydrating botanicals (jojoba and apricot) and powerful antioxidants (green tea and raspberry seed) this sunscreen provides 40 SPF and really stays put.  $29

Solar to Polar Baby – SPF 42 to protect the most delicate skin Solar to Polar Baby is gentle and safe enough for little ones, but provides the strongest protection.  $32

Dopo Elements – Dopo (meaning “afterâ€) is for, you guessed it, after your day in the sun, water and dry air.  Jojoba, olive and avocado oils help to re-hydrate and nourish parched skin, while green tea extract gives it a healthy boost of antioxidants.  Coming soon.

Want to try Vivesana sun care products?  Use code orgbeauty&vive25 at www.vivesana.com and receive a 25% discount.

Image credit:  Vivesana

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It's more than just saving money by looking for sales. We need to ask several questions first. Is it manufactured or grown in your country? Where do each of it's components come from? Is the product environmentally friendly? Is the packaging environmentally friendly? Also, when you are looking for sales, don't forget to factor in the distance you need to drive to get that item on sale, or the extra amount for shipping if you order it. Sometimes it's better to pay a few cents extra on the price tag, but save on the fuel or shipping charges and cut down on pollution. I'd rather pay a higher price at a store I can walk to than a lower price at a store I have to drive to.

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Helo skinbleaching.net, I'm julia. I used your product from last 3 months. I have always wanted a fairer complexion. I have not been facing any skin allergies, and my complexion has attained a fair and homogeneous color tone. I am very amazed by the results and will definitely introduce them to all my friends.

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