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Liz Thompson

Rare El'ements Healthy Hair Care

RareElementsSwitching to nontoxic skin care, body care, even makeup is easy enough.  With plenty of truly exceptional all natural product lines on the market today, you can swap out your moisturizer, body wash and mascara with no trouble at all.  But, when it comes to hair care, it can get a little more difficult.  In the past, few natural hair care lines lived up to the performance of their conventional, toxin-laden counterparts.  These au naturel shampoos and conditioners left hair waxy, stringy and feeling a little bit like straw.  Something their chemical cousins combat with harsh synthetic detertgents (like, sodium laurel sulfate), propylene glycol and silicones.  What is a girl (or boy) who wants silky hair without the chems to do?

Rare El'ements Salon Inspired Eco-Luxury Hair Care has totally taken care of this problem.  Not only does this indulgent hair care system leave hair strong, silky and smooth, but also helps to protect color.  Amazing!

The line consists of Pure Shampoo, Essential Conditioner and EL’ Treatment, a rejuvenating scalp and hair serum.  All products are made with pure, healthy ingredients and contain exotic oils from Africa to nourish and moisturize scalp and hair.  No sulfates, silicones, synthetic fragrance or parabens.

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty….my personal review.  I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten excited over a new all natural hair care line that boasts full, soft, shiny locks only to be (yet again) disappointed.  That is not to say that there aren’t a few brands out there really living up to their claims.  John Masters Organics hair care, for example, is a  very affordable line that works really well.  But my hair is fickle and moody (a combination of fine, dry and wavy/frizzy) that needs gentle care in order to behave itself. 

When I first learned about Rare El'ements from my friend Terri at The Nature of Beauty, I got all pumped again but reeled myself back in, expecting yet another disappointment.  Well, I could tell immediately that this was no ordinary natural shampoo and conditioner.  My hair was soft, smooth, wavy but not frizzy and really looked great.  And (the true test) continued to be so after several days of using Rare El'ements.  No honeymoon phase.

The bottom line is this;  yes, Rare El'ements is on the higher end – $34 for the Shampoo,  $44 for the Conditioner and the Serum is $44 as well – but is very concentrated and will last you quite a while.  And for the results, quite worth every cent.  Honestly, I plan to never be without the stuff.

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I absolutely love the Rare El'ements Haircare line! I have been a hairstylist for a long time and, I must admit, that I have been alittle jaded about the shampoos and conditoners that have been availabe, no matter what the price point. I always felt I got mediocare results.

I am so excited about Rare El'ements because I have found a shampoo and conditioner that is both healthy and produces the results I need! My hair has never looked better! It is shiny and bouncy and it stays cleaner longer because there is nothing synthetic like silicone to weigh it down.

The price is alittle more than some of the other natural products, but there is no comparison on results. Rare El'ements uses high end quality essential oils from around the world, and not just alittle bit surrounded by parabens and sulfates. All of the ingredients are quality. That is why I use so much less conditioner than I ever have in all of my career. The conditioner is so concentrated that I only use alitte bit and it has made my hair so healthy that I only use it on the ends now. It lasts twice as long.

My clients love it. Once they buy Rare El'ements they keep buying it because they can see and feel the results for themselves. It makes their haircolor take better and last longer because of the natural sunscreens in the product.

I love the smell too. My whole bathroom smells like a spa and so does the salon when we use it at the backbar.

I can not rave enough about this product. As both a professional hairstylist and consumer who wants the best for myself and my clients, Rare El'ements is the one!

I am also offfering deep conditioning treatments with the three products in my salon.

Stop by and try it today.

Luanne Iannucci

Lukaro Salon

323N. Beverly Drive

Beverly Hills Ca, 90266


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I love love love this line!  I've been licensed for 20 years and have access to all lines, and this is hands down the best I have ever used!  All three products are fantastic!

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