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Liz Thompson

Organic Skincare and Beauty Sales on the Rise

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The current economy is forcing most of us to cut spending anywhere we can. But it looks like we are still willing to fork over a little green when it comes to green cosmetics.

I have recently spoken with a few organic cosmetics retailers on this subject and was surprised to find out that sales have actually been up since Election Day. There are two schools of thought on why this may be.

People want to feel good, and nontoxic organic beauty products are an affordable way to obtain this optimistic state of mind. While most of us are watching our dollars very closely these days, a vacation or even a massage may be out of the question. But a new lip shimmer or deliciously scented body oil is something that we can allow ourselves. And when that product is also free from toxic ingredients, it not only glams us up on the outside but also makes us feel better about what we are doing for our health.

Ellen Holder of Caren believes their consistent growth in sales is due to a more natural response to healthier choices. "Most of [our customers] aren’t buying organic beauty products from us. They are buying skin care solutions. Period. Our sales keep growing because many of our customers, both men and women, have no other choice. Synthetic chemicals in other products, whether mainstream or the health food stores' "green washed" line up, have failed them."

This is good news not only for those who are using safe organic skincare and beauty products but for the larger picture, as well. Simply put, the more organic products purchased, the more organic ingredients needed, which is good for our communities and our earth. Our purchasing power at work!

Whether a small pleasure or an absolute necessity, it seems nontoxic skincare and beauty products are securing their place in the mainstream.

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I completely agree! I think I represent the average woman who purchases skin care and beauty products. I have been educating myself more and more on organic products including personal care products and have become more concerned and aware of what I put in AND on my body. I have been unemployed now for a few weeks, but still, as I run out of my staple personal care products: soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, moisturizer, etc...instead of saving a dollar here and there buying the mainstream store brand products with chemicals in them, it is worth it to me to invest a little bit more in myself and my health and buy organic. Tip: A great way to save some a little money on organic skin care products is to buy them directly from the manufacturer. www.obligebynature.com is one of my favorites. I love their products - they work better than any of the drugstore & department store brands - and I see even better results with my skin than when I used the prescription-strength products that I purchased in the past from my doctor's office. And though the price might be a little more than the drugstore brand, it costs a lot less than the department store brands and is entirely worth it !

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Organic skincare products sales are only going to rise as women understand the materials that some of the companies are using!  Our organic skincare product line has been used for many generations, but is just now being taken to market in the USA. If you are looking for the best natural skin care products made right here in the USA, you need to look at http://www.RenuDerma.com

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