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Liz Thompson
Liz Thompson

No Toxins in Those Stockings

Well, we all know that we don't want to give our kids another pile of plastic for Christmas this year, but be careful with those stocking stuffers too. Little girls love lip gloss, lotion and bath gel, and with every teen superstar fronting a beauty brand, who could blame them. They can wear Hannah Montana lip gloss and Gabriella body glitter. But how harmful are these seemingly innocent products?

Most of these mass produced glamour girl products are made as cheaply as possible, which means petrolatum. That's right, the ubiquitous petroleum so many cosmetics manufacturers love so well. Petrolatum is a known human carcinogen and should not even be a choice for manufacturers but, unfortunately still is at this time. Products containing this harmful ingredient often list Mineral Oil on the label.

Let's move on to color. Those tantalizing shades of hot pink and grapey purple that no little girl can resist, especially when they are loaded with synthetic glitter, are as un-natural as their color. D&C RED, FD&C YELLOW AND FD&C BLUE are developmental and reproductive toxins, as well as neurotoxins and harmful to our organ system, as stated by The Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database.

Other nasty ingredients often found in these products are propylene glycol (a penetration enhancer) and added artificial flavorings.

So, be strong while shopping this holiday season and don't give in to temptation over these toxic items. There are many fun lip balms and lotions our girls will love just as much, that are made from safe, organic ingredients.

Try Bubble & Bee for lip balms like Karma Apple or Root Beer, and Raspberry Lemonade Salt Scrub for some tiny tootsies. All-natural scents and flavors and fun packaging. Or check out 100% Pure for yummy smelling bath gels and body creams.

Not only will you be protecting the girl in your life's health, but teaching her the benefits of safe cosmetics that will last a lifetime. Oh yeah, all of these items make great gifts for big girls too!

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It is very alarming to know that the things you buy for your kids are also the things that could harm them. As a mother I always see to it that my kids are always in a good condition. Health problems are seen all across our country, as well as other countries. As much as possible I don’t want my child to acquire any sickness as it can leave a major strain on our budget. Although I am also working just like my husband, we still find it hard to budget our money because there are so many bills to pay. When my child has been rushed to the hospital because of high fever payday installment loans is the immediate cash that accommodate me on my child’s journey to recovery. It is very hard for a mother to watch her child suffering from any sickness or harm and I just want to thank you for this wonderful article because it warns me to choose carefully the things that I am going to buy for my daughter.

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Great article, Liz! Thanks for making it easy for women to make great choices. Women make 80% of the buying decisions, and if we understand and use our collective power as consumers, we can change the way manufacturers produce (without waiting for government regulations to get passed). Laura Rose, Change Starts at Home

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