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Bootcamp for Skin

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Just when you want to look your best; dark circles, a sallow complexion and puffiness strike.  It is easy to get run down this time of year, with too much of a good thing everywhere you turn.  Lack of sleep and a little bit of stress don’t help things out either.  And all of this takes a toll on your skin.

By taking a few extra minutes each day to pamper your skin, plus sticking with a decent exercise routine and healthy diet whenever possible, you can get your radiance back in no time.

A healthy diet is essential in keeping you and your skin in top shape.  Eating organic as much as possible will help to limit your exposure to toxins and ward off acne and dryness.  Flax and fish oil capsules are not only good for cardiac health but are high in fatty acids that help to keep the skin moisturized.  Antioxidants fight free radicals, which cause premature aging, and can be found in green tea, pomegranate seeds and berries.  And be sure to up your water intake.

Exercise is another vital component to a glowing complexion.  An aerobic workout boosts blood flow and delivers nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

Treating outbreaks is easier if you know what is causing them in the first place.  As Lula Braithwaite of LoveLula.com organic apothecary said in the September issue of The Saturday Express Magazine, “Spots on the forehead and nose can be a sign of poor digestion; for clearer skin take a psyllium husk supplement, drink plenty of water and cut down on bread and dairy productsâ€.  Lula goes on to say that blemishes on the chin are more often caused by a hormonal imbalance, while those on the cheeks could indicate a kidney imbalance and may be aided by detox.

And last but not least, stress does more damage to our overall health than we care to believe.  Tension and anxiety, even in small doses, can cause pale, tired-looking skin, acne and other skin ailments.  Facial oils are effective remedies for soothing and healing stressed skin and tea tree oil in particular is a great spot treatment for blemishes.

Put these tips to use, along with a good nights sleep, and your skin will be fit and in peak condition. The rest of you won’t feel so bad either.

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I was scanning through the article to see if water was mentioned. I think a low water intake is the major culprit for many. Water greases the wheels of all the other positive instruments. Nice job and nice looking site. I love these posts - a great nudge in the right direction. Bruce

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I am trying to determine if the brands on Liz Thompson's site (Organic Beauty Source) are Cruelty Free. "Not tested on animals" does NOT mean that it's cruelty free - more often than not, the company outsources their animal research to a lab set up to do just that. In doing so, they aren't testing on animals and can put that on their product; that doesn't mean that animals weren't doing life in a labratory and being experimented on as part of the products development. Anyone have an email address for Liz?

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