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The world's energy needs increases with 50%

The future is looking grimmer as each day go by and each new report is released about the state of our fragile earth. Recently we could read that 6 billion people will perish by the end of the century and that we might already have passed the point of no return.

And now the International Energy Agency (IEA) says in a report that the worlds energy needs will increase with 50% in just 20 years. The enormous economic growth countries such as China and India are mainly responsible for this increase. The majority of the energy sources built in the coming 20 years will be based on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. You can read a summary of the report here.

Helsingin Energia 1

Changing some light bulbs to CFLs, recycling or using more public transportation will not stop this development. Don’t get me wrong, actions like that are very much needed but we badly need global political agreements that radically cut our CO2 emissions with over 80%, now, not later.

Some people have started to think that nuclear power is the solution. But nuclear power will only be a small part of the solution. Nuclear energy is too expensive, it's dangerous and it takes too long time to build a new plant.

Don't get stuck in one solution cause there aren’t any. We need to use many different ways to curb and stop the downfall. Some of the solutions are a global CO2 tax, renewable energy sources (all of them), reducing our massive energy waste/usage etc.

I recently read an AP/Newsvine article that said that cities are taking the lead on climate change. That's good, but it means nothing if the leaders of the country is to coward or blinded by money to take action.

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This is another article typical of the world's take on global preservation. We need more than just griping about the situation, without taking any action. We need ACTION. People need something they can do, something they can get behind, and something they can believe in. Everyone believes in global warming, everyone wants to "reduce emissions", everyone wants a better planet...but people need more than information. People need to see EXACTLY how they can help. Alternative fuels are the answer. Water fuel is the answer, HHO gas, Browns gas, whatever you want to call it, can save the world. This can be created at your home, and power your home. It can completely run your car, heat your water, run your generator, or whatever else. I can't think of a cheaper more efficient and sustainable source of energy....especially, since the only result, is PURE WATER.

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