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Watch Hugo Chavez: Capitalism is the way to the destruction of the planet

Yesterday Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, made a passionate and courageous speech at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Chavez criticized President Obama's "laughable" promise to help climate change and also said that capitalism will destroy our planet. Watch it:

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I have a deep respect for Hugo and his achievements for his people, but man, does he love

the sound of his own voice! 7 1/2 minutes of obama bashing and leaving through the 'little door' before he touches on climate and then, even more bashing :D

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OH crap with this man: How many Oil do you sell to the rich world, the poisoner elitist ghosts? What is your share of responsibility at warming and poisoning the air? Your biggest, stronger and closer economical ally and CLIENT is not nearly your pal Russia (another rising Capitalist Empire): It is, was and will probably always be - with or without you - the US. And that's also because Vzla is economically parasitized by being sunk in Oil, reason for barely producing anything else. You haven't created one single industry or pushed any scientific or technological project, you live from Oil and you haven't done ANYTHING to change that.

When in the earth, for the sake of intelligence and decency, will this absurd clown shut the fuck up?

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While Hugo Chavez is somewhat admirable for what he promotes, I begin to doubt his sincerity when I think about his country's dependency on America. No amount of disparage to President Obama can change the fact that Venezuala is crippled without goods coming from the US. Furthermore, maybe instead of using up all those seven minutes to belittle the US president, he should have used that time to provide listeners concrete steps to save the environment. Hmmm, Hugo Chavez's speech is actually a good topic for one of my college papers.

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I disagree. Plenty of company corporations to utilize environmentally friendly  methods while still conducting business and being profitable. Plus, the government (U.S) does have guidelines obviously when it comes to things like this. Look at CAFE; cars will have to achieve 40mpg in just a few more years. Online Degrees

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