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UK Foreign Secretary warns that the UN climate talks could fail

Foreign Secretary in the UK, David Miliband, doesn’t seem to have much hope on the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (Cop15) this December in Copenhagen, Denmark. Miliband even warns that the climate talks are in "real danger" of failing, the Independent reports:

"The deal the world needs in Copenhagen is now in the balance," he said.

"There's a real danger the talks scheduled for December will not reach a positive outcome, and an equal danger in the run-up to Copenhagen that people don't wake up to the danger of failure until it's too late."

Miliband put the blame on “the complexity of the issue”, the economic recession as well as "suspicion" between the North and the South. In light of a diplomatic pr tour around Europe “to raise the issue of climate change” Miliband warned that if the world failed to come up with an agreement to cut emissions global temperatures will increase with 4C.

“This would lead to large scale migration as parts of the world disappeared under rising seas, threaten infrastructure as extreme weather events became more common, and put pressure on natural resources such as water - all of which could have serious impacts on peace and security across the world.”

What do you think about the upcoming Climate Change Conference this December - the last chance we have to take action against “the greatest threat the world has ever faced”? Will it be a success or a failure? What are your hopes and expectations? Please share your thoughts and ideas by voting in the poll below and/or making a comment.

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Let's just say I don't expect much from it.

The UN recently issued a report saying that the rich countries in the "North" needs to pay at least $600 billions in mitigation and emission reductions in the poor and undeveloped countries in the "South". Yesterday the EU issued a statement regarding this issue. According to them the rich countries should only give €100 billions. The EU will give 30% of that sum. And in that 30% sum only €22-50 will be funded by public money, the rest will somehow come from the market.

This is pretty much a slap in the face for the poor countries. Why should they continue the climate talks when the leading rich countries clearly aren't taking this question seriously?


Sorry only Swedish references:




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