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Sweden upgrades its train fleet

Regina Intercity

While the discussions about high-speed railway systems are many and the people who want them are even more in Sweden the political decisions that are needed still seems far away.

Sweden who once was a leading railway country now seems dreadfully behind the rest of Europe when it comes to high-speed railway systems.

But the demand for a greener travelling has increased the need for faster trains that can transport more people. While it seems Sweden will have to wait for the decision regarding high-speed railway systems for trains that are capable of speeds of up to 320kph a little bit longer the Swedish State Railways is investing in new trains.

The new trains are based on the Regina Intercity model and will replace the current X2000 trains. Their top speed will be 200kph, the same as the X2000 model. The difference is that the new train model will use 20% less energy. The 20% energy gain comes from the new drive system Bombardier Mitrac that will generate power when the train breaks.

The new trains are 107 meters long and have room for 240 passengers. The passengers will also be able to have Internet access. The trains will be delivered in 2010 and the order is worth 2 billion Swedish Kronor.

Sources: DN and NyTeknik.

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How about more railways as well, since excel capacity todays equals zero percent. More trains on the same tracks (even single in some ways throughout the country) will certainly increase the numbers of delays occuring due to "congestion".

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As I have understood it, it will be possible to upgrade those trains to 250kph service later on. The ordered trains are Bombardier Regina-trains and those have run (slightly modified) in 295kph on swedish rail with a goal of running them in 250kph in regular service in a few years time Long streches of the rail system are also already upgraded for 250kph service, although the signalling system is yet not so.

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This is great news for Sweden and green train technology. I'm really looking forward to a movement towards more train and boat travel, especially when solar provides all the juice.

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