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Greenpeace, celebrities and politicians buy Heathrow land to delay third runway

Our climate, our land

In a genius attempt to stop the construction of a third runway at the Heathrow airport in the UK the TV impressionist Alastair McGowan has bought a piece of the Heathrow third runway site along with Emma Thompson, Zac Goldsmith and Greenpeace.

If constructed the third runway would make Heathrow UK's single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. It's expected that the airport would emit nearly 27 million tonnes of CO2 every year. A sum that is equivalent to the emissions of 57 of the least polluting countries in the world combined. But McGowan, Thompson, Goldsmith and Greenpeace hopes to stall or even stop the third runway completely by dividing up the plot to people around the world.

"The government would use its powers to issue compulsory purchase orders for the plots but lawyers said yesterday that the existence of thousands of owners would make this process time-consuming and expensive. Similar tactics have been used successfully to protect tropical forests."

Greenpeace says they will "resist all attempts at compulsory purchase and will represent millions of people from across the world at any planning inquiry." And that their "lawyers are now examining ways in which all of our owners can act as a legal obstacle to plans for a third runway at our busiest airport". So far over 5000 people have signed up for a piece of the plot.

"As legal owners of this plot we will take the opportunity to oppose airport expansion at every stage in the planning process. We're joined on the deeds by Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson, comedian Alastair McGowan and prospective Tory parliamentary candidate Zac Goldsmith. Along with Greenpeace UK, that's the maximum number of owners we can put on the deed, but you can sign up to add your name and stand beside us to resist all attempts of a compulsory purchase of the land.

You'll be joining beneficial owners who've already signed-up including local Labour MP John McDonnell, Tory frontbench spokeswoman Justine Greening, Lib Dem MP Susan Kramer, environmentalist George Monbiot and acclaimed climate scientist and Royal Society Research Fellow Dr Simon Lewis."

Emma Thompson said: "I don't understand how any government remotely serious about committing to reversing climate change can even consider these ridiculous plans. It's laughably hypocritical. That's why we've bought a plot on the runway. We'll stop this from happening even if we have to move in and plant vegetables."

"It's a very good time to enter the property market. If BAA want my patch they will have to negotiate with me – and why would I want to sell it to them?" said Kramer.

McGowan said: "The government is sticking two fingers up to the environment and the people of this world. By giving this runway the go-ahead Gordon Brown is effectively holding a giant blow torch to the polar ice-caps and saying 'Melt, Melt !'"

If you want your very own piece of the land you can sign up here.

Here comedian Alastair McGowan explains why he joined the Airplot to stop Heathrow expansion:

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Conservative Party green advisor Zac Goldsmith explains why he's part of Airplot, a group who've bought land in the middle of Heathrow airport's proposed 3rd runway, and who say they will never sell it to BAA or allow the airport operator's bulldozers onto their site:

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This seems like a great idea and I personally find it quite amusing that this has been done as a way of delaying the planning process, which is why I have signed up for Airplot and have urged al my friends to do the same. This is good news as it looks like Labour will not be in power after the next election in the UK, and the other main political parties in the UK have pledged to stop the 3rd runway being built.

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