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Chrysler promises car buyers $2.99 gas

Chrysler promises car buyers $2.99 gasThese days it seems the price of gas and oil will keep rising and never become stable again. And why should it? We have reached peak oil and the demand for the black and deadly gold keeps soaring.

People’s love with huge and gas-guzzling SUVs and cars seems to be loosing its former glory. Cause who would want to pay a fortune for a gas-thirsty climate change monster? Not even Americans seem to do these days.

Small and fuel-efficient vehicles are the future. The Asian automakers understood this several years ago, and now the western automakers are trying to catch up. Well, at least some of them.

Chrysler is, desperately, trying to make a profit from their huge gas-guzzling cars by announcing that they will charge more for their cars and then artificially decrease their customer’s gas prices to $2.99 per gallon for three years after their purchase.

Yeah. Why aim to make your car fleet more fuel efficient and environment friendly when you can "solve the problem" by ignoring it, for three years.

Three years is the expected lifetime for a personal computer. What do you think the consumers who buy a car from Chrysler will do after the three years have passed and they realise that, due to the high gas prices, they can't afford to fuel their car?

Chryslers press release states that they "protects consumers from rising gas prices for three years." But the only thing they do is to trick their consumers.

Gas prices will not go down. They will go up and burn a hole in the pocket for people with gas-guzzling cars. The cheap times are over.

Green Blog reported earlier this week that the Swedish gas prices continue to climb to new record heights. One gallon of gasoline (4 litres) will now cost you $8,48 (around 52 Swedish Kronor) in Sweden.

USA is today not even close to such high numbers, and yet people are making a lot of noise about the "high prices". The presidential candidates even propose gas tax holidays to keep the fuel-inefficient cars rolling for yet another day.

Is it not time that the American car-fetish dream started to cost its true value?

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Two Options - three years time: Possitive: we will have invaded somewhere else and oil will be cheaper. Negative: depreciation will be high and customers will lose money re-selling.

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