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50 cars or one bus?

50 cars or 1 bus

The Swedish company Flygbussarna (shortly translated to The Flight Busses), who offers bus services to and from all the major airports in Sweden, has made this very cool advertisement installation next to a highway in Sweden.

The installation is made out of 50 cars stacked together and painted to look like one of Flygbussarna's busses. It is designed to advertise Flygbussarna’s bus services and to highlight the fact that it’s much more environmentally friendly to travel by bus than in a car.

"50 cars or 1 coach? If everyone travelled with public transport instead of by car the environment would be much better off. So don’t just take the coach because it’s cheaper – take it to reduce your carbon emissions."

This installation is part of an advertising campaign with the slogan "it's smart to be cheap" and will be featured on Flygbussarna's "anti car" homepage.

Check out the slideshow:

Also check out this picture, taken by the Press-Office City of Münster (Germany), which demonstrates the amount of space required to transport the same number of passengers by car, bus or bicycle.

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I think the President has a good idea by painting the roofs white, but lets go one step further and paint the parking lots and hyways white. Have you ever noticed how much heat they collect and put off heat. Instead of white stripes, could use yellow for marking center lines.

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It definitely sounds very interesting. But what about taxi drivers? There are hundreds of them in every city. They would protest about losing their jobs.. I think it is a great idea, but why not introducing a model that needs a driver? That would be more fair..

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