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"We would like the rest of the world to follow you"

Nidhi Jamwa from the Centre for Science and Environment India asks in the organisations journal Down to Earth "why green projects in India are hot favourite of international NGOs?"

Nidhi Jamwa focuses on a recently started green Sierra Club initiative in India that will try "to explore other ways of creating a robust dialogue on developing a green economy" and to "network, collaborate and share information":

"There it goes again. It is always India and China that are the two emerging villains of climate change. The developed world has built their infrastructure and created wealth, based on technologies that are high on carbon emissions. Even now, it refuses to deliver on its promise to bring down carbon emissions. Yet goes about patronising the developing world on the need for green economy.

To quote Pope: "The US has to get rid of old stuff and India has to create new stuff. The Sierra Club can help India make that transition...India does not have fossil fuel to run a carbon economy, so it should leapfrog to low- carbon economy and switch to renewable sources such as solar, wind power, etc. And all this is available in plenty in India."

By the same logic, California should be leading in the switch to green technology as it has plenty of both sun and the sea. If switching to a low-carbon economy was indeed so simple, what was keeping the industrialized world from making the transition?"

We are all in this together. That is for sure. But why should the pressure be on the developing countries to "leapfrog" and create a green and sustainable society when the developed (mainly western) countries are the ones that has the highest per capita carbon emissions?

It’s like blaming climate change on our children and the younger generation when it’s actually the older generation who are to be blamed.

Via Arbetarens Klimatblogg.

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