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The Norwegian terrorist is a climate denier

    The photo shows many of the children who were participating in the youth camp on Utøya.

As you know. This past Friday in Norway Anders Behring Breivik, a conservative, islamophobic and Christian terrorist, detonated a car bomb outside the office of the country's Prime Minister and other government buildings in Oslo. Less than two hours later on the island of Utøya the fascist opened fire at a political youth camp organized by the youth organization (AUF) of the Norwegian Labour Party (AP) killing nearly 70 people, many of whom were only children, and wounding many more.

In a 1500-page long "manifesto", published on the web shortly before the two attacks, Breivik described his religious and fascist conspiracy theories. In addition to the average islamophobic, undemoratic and nationalistic rantings about Muslims taking over Europe and whatnot he also had a section called "Green is the new Red - Stop Enviro-Communism". According to Breivik global warming is just a eco-Marxist plot, or a "Anthropogenic Global Warming scam", with the end goal of creating a world government:

"You might know them as environmentalists, enviro-communists, eco-Marxists, neo-Communists or eco-fanatics. They all claim they want to save the world from global warming but their true agenda is to contribute to create a world government lead by the UN or in other ways increase the transfer of resources (redistribute resources) from the developed Western world to the third world. They hope to accomplish this through the distribution of misinformation (propaganda) which they hope will lead to increased taxation of already excessively taxed Europeans and US citizens."

Considering the fact that Breivik for several years was a member of the Norwegian Fremskrittspartiet (FrP/FpU), a far-right political party that strongly push the idea of climate change being "exaggerated", the news of him being a climate denier really doesn't come to any surprise. But it does show what kind of "endorsements" other and more mainstream climate deniers have. No wonder the two conservative and climate denying talking heads Glenn Back and Bill O'Reilley tried to downplay the terrorist attack in Norway and distance themselves from Breivik. For example. In his radio show Glenn Beck likened the dead Norwegian children on Utøya to Hitler youth. And Bill O'Reilley criticized the media for labeling Breivik as a Christian terrorist and foolishly tried to claim that such a thing was "impossible".

Brad Johnson, from the liberal think-tank and blog Thinkprogress, writes more about Breivik's crazy environmental conspiracy theories and links them to the rhetoric used by American conservatives:

"Although Breivik's conspiracy theories are insane, they are in line with mainstream opinion among American conservatives. He cites Christopher Monckton's speech before the Minnesota Free Market Institute in 2009, accusing President Obama of trying to cede United States sovereignty to the United Nations through climate treaties. Monckton - a rabid conspiracy theorist who claims his opponents are Nazis - was a Republican witness before Congress on global warming in 2010."

If you are interested in reading the climate ramblings of a madman and a mass murderer, Brad Johnson has published the whole manifesto excerpt from Breivik's climate denying chapter here.

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This is ridiculous to say that way, if UN is doing work for the sake of the planet we live on, we have to be grateful, instead these people only see the bad side. It's really shocking how they still don't understand how important is that to give if you take. I feel truly sorry for the guy, he is lost in his predicaments about the world, the people and religion

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