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Scandic Hotels bans bottled water

Scandic bans bottled water on all of their hotelsScandic, the Nordic hotel company, have decided to ban water on bottle on all of their 141 hotels this year.

Instead of bottled water their customers will be offered ordinary and carbonated water from water taps from the hotel. It is expected that this will save around 160 tons of carbon dioxide.

Due to the fact that the water quality in the Baltic's and other European countries isn't as good as in the Nordic countries Scandic will build local water cleaning systems on hotels that doesn't have a good quality on their water.

Scandic bans bottled water on all of their hotels

But this is just one of many things Scandic have, and is planning to do to improve their environmental footprint. Since 1993 Scandic have switched from dirty energy to cleaner renewable energy to power up their offices and hotels, they have changed to more environmental friendly chemicals, they use organic food and many other things.

Last fall the company decided to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to zero to year 2025. They are planning to cut their emissions by half to year 2011. And Scandic has already come a long way. They have already lowered their emissions from heating, cooling, electricity and transportation from 5,2 kilo to 3 kilo per guest/day.

Image credit: shrff14. Image licensed under a Creative-Commons Attribution license.

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This is great its about time people realize what a waste bottles water really is, ( except when traveling in countries like India etc). I mean my god we balk at 3-5 dollar gasoline, yet we gladly pay 15.00 per gallon for evian come on folks. That kind of reminds me of the environmentalist bumper stickers i see on suburbans here in Texas...

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