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Polish EU budget chief questions global warming and climate targets

Janusz Lewandowsk, the Polish budget commissioner and chief architect of the EU's forthcoming €130 multi-annual budget, is receiving strong criticism after expressing his doubts about global warming and the future emission policies of the EU.

In an interview with a Polish newspaper Lewandowsk said that:

"We already have overambitious agreements on CO2 emission reduction. There is a notion that the thesis that coal energy is the main cause of global warming is highly questionable. Moreover, more and more often there is a question mark put over the whole [issue of] global warming as such."

He also expressed doubts about EU's future climate goal saying the CO2 reduction targets "are too ambitious for the Polish economy" and that "a quick jump away from coal" would for Poland "be a disaster". And this was no misquote from the Polish newspaper. A spokesman for Lewandowski even confirmed the accuracy of the statements later to the EU observer:

"His overall line is that it would be impossible for Poland to shift away from coal overnight. But he also expressed his doubts over climate change, in a personal capacity," Patrizio Fiorilli told this website.

Environmental organizations and political groups are afraid that Lewandowsk's science and climate skepticism will affect the drafting of the €130 budget that will form EU's political course of action and structure between 2014 and 2020. But the Polish climate skepticism comes as no surprise. Poland helped block strong European leadership on climate during the Cop14 climate summit in 2008. And it's an even less surprise considering the fact that Poland relies heavily on coal, around of 90%, for its electricity generation.

Ruth Davis, chief policy adviser at Greenpeace UK, said: "It's terrifying that the man in charge of Europe's budget is someone you might expect to see in Sarah Palin's Republican party.

"He has a huge influence over all of our economic futures and yet not only does he deny the overwhelming evidence of climate change, but he's also opposing measures that leading businesses say would drive green growth and create millions of new jobs in Europe's clean industries."

The environmental organization WWF also expressed their worry about the climate change denying budget chief:

"It comes as a shock, especially following the commission president's recent statements. So much for collegiality," said Tony Long, director of the WWF's Brussels office. "That degree of climate change scepticism is now rare in Europe, and even rarer among politician's of Lewandowski's seniority."

"One can't have much faith in the commission's budget proposals if one of the chief architects admits in a private capacity that he has doubts over global warming."

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso shows no sign of worry though. Saying that "the effects of climate change are - quite literally - all around us" and that the EU will stay it's course on climate change. But one can only imagine how embarrassed Barroso must be from Lewandowsk's anti-science statements.

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Well good for Poland.  I'm glad they are sticking up for themselves and rejecting the pathetic green agenda that is damaging economies all over the place.  Lets have some common sense people! Is this blog serious about "red and green"?  And you admit it publicly.  Dang.  Scary stuff. I always knew the communists were behind the global warming scare.  It's sad because they have brought disrepute to genuine concerns about the environment, which I actually do care about, passionately.  Very serious environmental issues are swept aside by the all encompassing concern about CO2.   Yet year after year, as the models fail to match predictions, the "red & green people" just become more shrill.  Trying to shut down debate, calling anyone who fails to follow the party line a denier.  Does anyone else hear echoes of times past - very bad times past in recent Europe? If you follow the science, from objective sources, you can discover for yourselves what the facts are.  The sun is a far bigger influence, there has been no warming for a decade, and in fact has been cooling etc & etc & etc.  Even Hansen's projections, his "best case scenario, if we act immediately" (which we did not), has failed to materialize.  Our temps are LOWER than those predicted if we had essentially closed our entire economy and stopped producing CO2.  BELOW THAT!! Follow the facts - do not trust the computer models.  Only look at what the actual recorded data is.  Not the noise.

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