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Italy, next country to ban incandescent light bulbs

A Bright IdeaIn December last year Italy decided to join Australia and Ireland to ban incandescent light bulbs. The Italian budget committee voted in favour of an incandescent light bulb ban from the Green MP Angello Bonelli. The ban will take place in 2011.

More European countries are planning on following Irelands and Italy’s “bright” decision in a, very, near future.

The European Lamp Companies Federation plans for a incandescent light bulb phase out by year 2019. This just shows that government guidelines and actions do make more difference than what the private sector could accomplish.

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Dear Sir / Madam, Recently, more and more countries such as USA, France, have passed a law to ban incandescent bulb. Would you wanna be ready to offer an alternative for your markets? We are just marketing two kinds of newest LED lamps-High Power Spot Lamp & LED Daylight Tube as enclosed pictrues as replacements. Specially, LED tube is about 50,000 hours and it can save energy about 76% than traditional fluorescent lamp. Just from this view, you’ll see how economic it is. They must be the most popular sellers in 2008. The sooner you replace those incandescent bulbs, the more you save. If you have any interests, we suggest you order some samples for test. All our products are CE and RoHS compliants. Best regards, Merry Ningbo Futai Electric Co Ltd (Shenzhen Branch) Tel: +(86) 755 3386 7582 ext 8128 Direct: +(86) 755-3386 7613 Mb: +(86) 139 02956925 Fax: +(86) 755-3386 7575 Email: merry@fortoled.com;merry@futailite.com Web: www.fortoled.com We have exhibited at the following shows in 2007: Lighting Fair in Korea-May 2007 Lighting Fair in GuangZhou- June 2007 Electric Fair in HongKong- Oct 2007 Lighting Fair in HongKong- Oct 2007 Lighting Fair in Moscow- Nov. 2007 We'll soon attend the following shows: Lighting Fair in Germany- 6-10 of Apr. 2008, Booth No.: D11N, District: 10.1 ..........

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I cannot stand the light from CFLs .. I also despise the light from LEDs. However, what I despise even more than that is environazis dictating what kind of light I can be allowed to use. I'm creating a lifetime stockpile of incandecents .. and would advise others to do the same until we can overturn this awful law.

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Daisy, I agree with you. In 1974 I asked a very old optometrist if he thought the reason more people needed glasses for nearsightedness today (that was 1974) was due to television in most homes. He said he noticed more nearsightedness in children when schools switched to fluorescent lighting. I think he's right, and I have always refused to have fluorescent lights in my home. Interestingly, my wife and I are very nearsighted and have worn glasses since 5th and 7th grades respectively, but our three children have perfect vision.

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