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Greece promotes green-bags in Athens

All developed countries have started taking measures to reduce their bad impact on Earth. Banning incadescent lightbulbs, cars from the city centres, or introducing laws for greener factories and industries. Greece at last followed their example by promoting a greener life in the capital.

After its apathy at Bali's summit, where the greek spokepersons had no specific proposals or positions, Greece seems to start thinking more about the environment. Such late a start can be partly justified, as the country lacks basic means. Most people are way too indifferent and uninformed about global warming and facilities don't meet the specifications for major changes (for instance the way buildings had been built makes it impossible to widen the roads and introduce cycle lanes etc).

On April the 14th of this year, Greece starts promoting green bags made from eco-friendly materials. All major super markets have agreed to heavily promote and sell the bags for no more than what it costs to produce them. As of this writting, the price is still unknown.

The campaign will run for five years using the motto ''I am not a plastic bag'' targeting nearly 4.5 million Athenians, or half the population of Greece. It may sound as the minimum that could be done, espacially if it is compared to other countries, where green bags have been available for years. But it is definately a new start that shall teach the people to live and act in a greener way and care more about this planet.

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