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Dr Gideon Polya
Dr Gideon Polya

Gaza, lying and climate genocide

Child of Gaza

Creative Commons License Photo credit: smallislander

The major threat to Australia and the World is from man-made global warming that according to top UK climate scientist Professor James Lovelock FRS will kill all but 500 million humans this century. However underlying this impending catastrophe is a fundamental cultural pathology in the Western Murdochracies of IGNORING and of partisan, “might is right†LYING by commission and omission. [1]

Thus top UK climate scientists Professor Kevin Anderson and Dr Alice Bows of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Manchester, recently estimated that to save the Planet from catastrophe a DECREASE in greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution of 8% per year is required. [2]

However Mainstream media and politician LYING has meant that Australia (the world’s biggest coal exporter, the OECD’s worst annual per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) polluter and a world leader in per capita GHG pollution) intends to continue to INCREASE Domestic and Exported GHG pollution by about 2% per year. [3]

Similarly, outstanding Jewish American law professor and President of the US National Lawyers Guild, Marjorie Cohn, has exposed the genocidal blockade and bombing war crimes being committed by Apartheid Israel in its brutal naval, army and air force attacks on what top US conservative Pat Buchanan and top Vatican official Cardinal Renato Martino both call an Israeli “concentration camp†and which outstanding Jewish American scholar Professor Noam Chomsky (at 63-Nobel-Laureate MIT) calls a “huge Prisonâ€. [4]

However Goebbelsian, Orwellian, racist Zionist propaganda via Mainstream media and politicians regards the current Gaza Massacre (so far over 1,000 Gaza dead versus 9 Israelis killed by Gazans) as a “war†involving Israeli “self-defense†against rockets from blockaded Gaza (notwithstanding NO Israeli deaths from Gaza rockets in the preceding year; 28 Israeli deaths from Gaza missiles in the last 8 years; and 5,600 Occupied Palestinian violent deaths and 35,000 non-violent avoidable deaths from deprivation under Occupation in the last 8 years versus 1,200 Israelis killed by Palestinians in the same period). [5]

Media and politician LYING and IGNORING is deadly - whether it is over impending Climate Genocide of most non-Europeans in the coming century or US and Israeli state terrorism and mass murder in the on-going Palestinian Genocide, Iraqi Genocide and Afghan Genocide (9-11 million violent and non-violent avoidable deaths associated, so far, with the Zionist-promoted Bush wars, 1990-2009). [6]

In my own country Australia, racist Zionist dual citizens and other supporters of Apartheid Israel are complicit in horrendously violent Israeli state terrorism against not only Indigenous Palestinians and Arabs (Semites) but also against relatives of Australians and actual Australian citizens (25,000 of whom were bombed in Lebanon in mid-2006 with the support for the Israelis from both the Liberal-National Party and Labor Party, the major party so-called Lib-Labs) – yet they are free to come and go, donate to support Apartheid Israeli war crimes, personally kill and mangle Australians in the Middle East and endanger Australia while not even being investigated under anti-terrorism laws that prescribe up to life imprisonment for financial support for terrorism and up to 25 years for other terrorist involvement. [7]

The lying, genocidal racist Bush-ites (RBs) and racist Zionists (RZs) should be urgently exposed, prosecuted and sidelined in Western public life (as have been Nazis, neo-Nazis and the KKK; indeed outstanding Jewish American philanthropist and Holocaust hero George Soros has demanded “de-Nazification†of Bush America) – they represent a major threat to Australians, to decent anti-racist Jews and to the whole World in their anti-Arab anti-Semitic support for horrendously deadly, racist, genocidal US and Israeli state terrorism and for their egregious promotion of a “might is right†Culture of Lying that pre-empts rational risk management in the face of the mounting Climate Emergency. [8]


1. Gideon Polya, “Climate Emergency, Exceptionalism & Ignoring Downunder. Letter to eminent Australians over Public Honestyâ€

2. Kevin Anderson & Alice Bows, “Reframing the climate change challenge in light of post-2000 emission trendsâ€, Proc. Trans. Roy. Soc, A, 2008

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5. Gideon Polya, “Palestinian-Israeli death ratio. Nazi-style Israeli Gaza war crimesâ€

6. Gideon Polya, "9-11 excuse for US global genocide. The real 9-11 atrocity: millions dead (9-11 million) in Bush Wars (1990-2009)"

7. Australian Anti-terrorism Act 2005

8. Gideon Polya, “George Soros – Bush America needs de-Nazificationâ€

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While I respect your right to state your opinions about Israel, its relevance to environmental matters is tenuous at best. The post was fine and eco-related until "Similarly, outstanding Jewish American law professor..." after that it started detracting from the overall green message of the site and maybe even disaffected some of the audience which is a shame since we all need to solve this problem together.

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In order to "solve this problem [Anthropogenic Global Warming, Climate Emergency, Sustainability Emergency] together", we all need to apply rational risk management which successively involves (a) accurate data, (B) scientific analysis (involving critical testing of potentially falsifiable hypotheses), and © systemic change to minimize risk. The warmongering, genocidal, Bush-ite-supported racist Zionists (RZs) and the racist Zionist-supported climate sceptic Bush-ites are clearly both "exceptionalist" in that they in practice say that they are "special" (assertedly "God's Chosen" and "God's Own", respectively) and accordingly above all Natural (innate) or Internationally-agreed Laws. Indeed outstanding Jewish French scholar Emmanuel Todd in his best-selling book "After the Empire" (Apres l'Empire) uses the term "differentialist" (i.e. "racist" as opposed to "universalist" or non-racist) to describe both those running Apartheid Israel (the racist Zionists) and those running the violently occupied American Empire (now stretching from Occupied Haiti to US robot-bombed Waziristan in Pakistan). "We all need have to solve this [carbon] problem together" by collectively stopping carbon pollution and urgently reducing atmospheric CO2 to less than 350 ppm (as advocated by top climate scientists around the world e.g. NASA's Dr James Hansen and his GISS colleagues) - yet Bush-ite America and its ME colony, racist Zionist-run Apartheid Israel, stymie this collective approach by both EXCEPTIONALISM (racism) and egregious LYING (that short-circuits rational problem solving) as in the quote from my article below. QUOTE: " However Goebbelsian, Orwellian, racist Zionist propaganda via Mainstream media and politicians regards the current Gaza Massacre (so far over 1,000 Gaza dead versus 9 Israelis killed by Gazans) as a “war†involving Israeli “self-defense†against rockets from blockaded Gaza (notwithstanding NO Israeli deaths from Gaza rockets in the preceding year; 28 Israeli deaths from Gaza missiles in the last 8 years; and 5,600 Occupied Palestinian violent deaths and 35,000 non-violent avoidable deaths from deprivation under Occupation in the last 8 years versus 1,200 Israelis killed by Palestinians in the same period)." The Israeli have inflicted HUGE environmental devastation of the Mediterranean (deliberately bombing oil storage tanks in Lebanon in mid-2006 to create the Med's worst environmental disaster ever) and huge environmental devastation of Palestine ( theft of land, replacement of Indigenous agricultural land with settlements, "Jews-only" highways, theft and exhaustion of aquifer water, theft and conversion of of the Jordan Valley into a devastated, ethnically cleansed, militarized no man's land, reduction of the Jordan River to a polluted trickle etc etc) and giving impetus to gross overpopulation - the 25,000 Jews in Palestine in 1878 (15,000 Indigenous out of a total Indigenous population of about 0.5 million) has grown to 5.5 million; the 800,000 Indigenous Palestinians driven from their homes by Israeli terrorists have grown to 7 million refugees; the 800,000 remaining have grown to 1.5 million Arab Israelis (second class citizens under race-based, Nazi-style Apartheid Laws) and 4 million Occupied Palestinians (50% children and 75% Women and children; all human rights specified by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have been removed; imprisoned illegally and abusively for over 40 years). And yet the awful, Nazi-style, Bush-ite-style war crimes and environmental crimes of Apartheid Israel (that are mirrored in US war crimes and environmental crimes in the American Empire) are the LEAST of it - as set out in my article the problem that threatens the whole World is Zionist and Bush-ite RACIST LYING - that Others don't matter, We are special, and that even Truth is what We conveniently perceive it to be in Our self-interest . It is notable that the other example offered in my article is from pro-Zionist, pro Bush-ite America, climate criminal, climate racist, climate genocidal, climate terrorist, racist White Australia that says "we are special" and is committed to INCREASING Domestic and Exported GHG pollution by 2% each year FOR EVER - as compared to the latest expert advice from the UK that we need to DECREASE GHG pollution by 8% per year to avoid catastrophe. All Australians know the notorious saying of former labor politician Arthur Calwell that "Two Wongs do not make a White" but the Australian Government policies are set to INCREASE Australia's "annual per capita GHG pollution" from its current 10 times that of China. The problem with APPLIED RACISM is that it GETS WORSE - whether by the British colonialists (1.8 billion excess deaths in British India 1757-1947), the Nazis (30 million Slav, Jewish and Roma dead in the WW2 Europe Holocaust), the Americans (25 milion Indigenous excess deaths in post-1950 US Asian Wars; 9-11 million excess deaths associated with the 1990-2008 Zionist-promoted Bush Wars), or the racist Zionist (RZ) Israelis (post-invasion Occupied Palestinian excess deaths 0.3 million). Indeed, White Australia's current "10 Wongs do not make a White" policy has been outdone by Apartheid Israel in the current Gaza Massacre - the 1,100 Gazans murdered by Apartheid Israel in response to ZERO Israeli deaths from rockets in the preceding year gives a Them/Us reprisals "death ratio" of 1,100/0 = INFINITY as compared to that of 10 ordered by Nazi leader Adolph Hitler and executed in the Ardeatine Massacre in Italy, March 1944 with the execution of 335 Italian men and boys in reprisal for the Partisan killing of 33 Nazi Germans. Top UK climate scientist Professor James Lovelock has predicted that all but 500 million humans will die this century due to unaddressed climate change - a mounting atrocity that will make Nazi-style Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Concentration Camp look like a picnic. The problem is RACIST LYING (or RACISM and LYING if you prefer). All decent, anti-racist people – including all decent, anti-racist Jews - adhere to the core messages of the Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million dead, 1 in 6 dying from deprivation) and of the WW2 European Holocaust in general (30 million Slav, Jewish and Roma dead), specifically “zero tolerance for racismâ€, “never again to anyone†and “bear witness†– core moral messages grossly violated by neo-cons, Bush-ites and racist Zionists (RZs) by egregious racism, genocide and LYING. If we are to save the Planet the inter-twined, racist, lying Bush-ites, neo-Bush-ites, neo-cons and racist Zionists (RZ) have to be countered by rational humane argument, Sanctions, Boycotts and Prosecutions and utterly side-lined in public life by decent Humanity (as have been the Nazis, neo-Nazis and KKK). Indeed outstanding Jewish American investor, philanthropist, Holocaust survivor and Holocaust hero George Soros has advocated the "de-Nazification" of Bush America. Peace is the only way but silence kills and silence is complicity. I have done MY bit in the War on Racist Lying by making a formal complaint to the International criminal Court over Australian involvement in Iraqi Genocide, Afghan Genocide, Aboriginal Genocide and Climate Genocide.

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The people who repeat those misleading claims often believe what they say, don't they? If so, they aren't actually lying; what they're doing is something else. If journalists and the people they speak to aren't just lying, then there's potential to educate those people -- to show them a point of view which they aren't aware of.

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