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Failure: Sweden will reach EU's climate targets 195 years too late

The Swedish Green Party has released a report which shows that Sweden will reach the EU's climate targets in 2205 instead of 2050 - 195 years too late.

During the last four years with a right-wing Government in Sweden the pace of emissions reductions decreased from 1.5% to 0.6% per year, and the slow pace is expected to continue. In other words this means that Sweden will miss the EU climate targets by a long shot. With the current rate Sweden won't reach an 80% reduction in emissions until in 2205 or later, the report says. Climate scientists are recommending a 40% reduction in emissions by 2020, but Sweden won't reach this level until around year 2062. And an upcoming international climate ranking from the WWF shows that Sweden have lost its former top position to countries such as Germany, Denmark and Ireland. Recently the Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) issued a harsh report showing that the last 4 years of environmental policies in Sweden have been a failure.

- A passive and cowardly climate policy involves great risks. Sweden may lag behind in development if we have such low aspirations that we need not do anything. Investment and research into new technologies will end up in other countries, as well as the introduction of products with the latest environmental technology. We risk losing lots of jobs, especially in rural areas, "said Maria Wetterstrand, spokesperson for the Green Party in Sweden.

A general election will be held in Sweden in nine days. And according to Peter Eriksson, spokesperson for the Green Party in Sweden, " there are clear differences" between the different political sides:

- When it comes to climate policies there are clear differences in this election. We need to invest in modern high-speed trains, make our homes energy efficient and expand public transportations. The current government says no to all of this. But why should Sweden have slower trains than the rest of the world?

- The red-green parties wants to increase the pace of the climate work in Sweden again. Our goals and measures will lead to a reduction in emissions by over 2% per year. This will put Sweden again in line with the international climate goals, Erikson said.

Read more about the Swedish government and its climate-wrecking efforts:

- Swedish Government Wins Greenwash Award

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- The Swedish government completes its climate wrecking track record with a pro-nuclear vote

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