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Shell to produce diesel fuel from algae

Shell to produce diesel fuel from algaeShell, the major oil company, has decided to adopt algae for its diesel production. The company has already begun the construction of a pilot plant in Hawaii.

Growing algae as biofuel will not be taking valuable land areas that are needed to grow food on. Thanks to algaes impressive photosynthesis it will produce 15 times as much oil for a given area compared to other biofuel crops. Algae can also be fed CO2 directly from smokestacks.

So, has Shell finally seen the green light? Far from it actually.

Shell are just protecting their own interests. Now when the food and oil prices have increased, more and more companies are looking into alternative and cheaper ways, such as algae, to produce diesel.

Shell’s chief executive, Jeroen Van der Veer have, recently, criticized Europe’s climate targets saying the 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 are to “overstretched”. He thinks the targets could have “a demotivating effect” on those struggling to reach environmental goals.

So, even if Shell are to produce diesel fuel from algae it still remains an old fossil company that try to do everything it can to ensure a prosperous market for environment un-friendly and carbon-spewing fuels.

Image credit: Sarah Camp. Image licensed under a

Creative-Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works license.

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Guest Aubrey Testing On-Demand Hydrogen as Supplemental Fuel


Wonder if you or anyone else have looked at using oxy hydrogen as supplemental fuel to boost the efficiency of gasoline or diesel combustion in vehicles. My own test shows that a commercial available water electrolysis device can save about 28% diesel in my 2006 Dodge Sprinter cargo van. Check my website for more info.

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Obviously it is a good effort. Biofuel is very much essential for today's world. And major companies need to work on its' production. I welcome the effort of Shell.

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