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The never solved, never forgotten issue...

Japan whalers brutally slaughter a whale mother and her calfIt is a fact that more than 1000 whales and dolphins are killed every year by whalehunters, who make some endangered species head torwards extinction.

Mainly Japan, with support from Norway and Iceland, refuses to obey the rules of the moratorium set in 1986, from the Worldwide Whalehunting Commitee, which had as a goal to let the whale population increase, after it's dramatic drop between the years 1925-1975.

However, more than 20000 creatures ended up in the hands of Japanese whalehunters. Japan claims that whales are to be blamed for the decrease of the fish population (obviously humans cannot be blamed, since they can feed only with fish, unlike whales, who could may as well prefer rabbits or vegetables) .Plus, the moratorium said that whales could be hunted for scientific reasons, and that's exactly what Japan is supposed to be doing. But noone believes that last year's gigantic ''mission'' was for scientific research. The so-called scientists weighed the whales and then took their meat on the market to sell it.

But why can't other countries control Japan? Apparently because it's not only the governments' fault. As long as people want whale, dolphin or shark meat in their diet, hunters will still find ways to keep hunting. So the main aim should be to awake all those people, and persuade them not to eat whale's meat. And when their argument includes the phrase: "it's part of our tradition,we wont let it die out", the reply should be that: "tradition that harms in an uncontrolable way the earth and it's species supports the most cruel instincts humans could have, and therefore is not a tradition that deserves to keep going..."

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