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Imported bearings of high performance, also must be careful to check

Rolling bearing used in a variety of mechanical equipment, imported bearing conditions required by the increasingly strict, the bearing performance is diverse.

From a large number of structure, size, select the most appropriate import bearings, need a different Angle.

In choosing imported bearing, it is generally believed that as a bearing, the difficulty of installation and removal, imported bearing size and bearing market, such as space allows, the general decided to import bearing structure.

In the use of a variety of mechanical design life and comparative study of various durable imported bearing limit bearing has to be decided at the same time. In choosing imported bearings, bearings are often inclined to think that grease life in aging, the fatigue life of oil, abrasion resistance, low noise, also need to fully research.

In addition, according to different purposes, it is a necessary choice for precision, clearance, and keep the frame structure, meet the requirements of the lubricating grease, special design of the bearing. However, choosing bearing no certain order, rules, priority should be given to import bearing the required conditions, performance, and related matters, especially the practical. As long as as much as possible in order to keep intact the original performance of the bearing.

To maintain, maintenance, in the first place, to prevent accidents, ensure the reliability of operation, increase productivity and economy. Corresponding mechanical operation and maintenance standards, on a regular basis, the best conditions. Including monitoring running state, supplement or replace the lubricant, regular check cleared. As the problem of maintenance operations, has imported bearing rotation, vibration, temperature, lubrication condition, and so on.

Imported bearing cleaning: remove the bearing repair, record the appearance of the imported bearing, for the first time confirmed the amount of residual lubricant, sampling inspection after the use of lubricant, cleaning bearing. As a cleaning agent, general use gasoline, kerosene. Remove the bearing cleaning, washing and fine washing thick, be placed in a container, metal openings at the first, make direct contact with imported bearing not dirt container.

If imported bearing rotating dirt, damage to the bearings rolling surface, it should be noted. In the crude oil washing, brush with the brush to remove grease, viscous material, generally clean, wash into the fine. Fine wash wash oil is in the side of the bearing rotation, while carefully cleaned.

Note: the cleaning of oil must be kept clean

Imported bearing maintenance and judgment: to determine whether remove bearing can be used to check the bearing after cleaning.

Check the raceway, raceway, surface state, cage wear, imported bearing clearance and to increase the dimension precision, has not damage, abnormal. Non separation of small ball bearings, imported bearing inner ring, with one hand support level, rotate the outer ring to confirm smoothly.

Imported bearings taper roller bearing separation type bearing, rolling your body, outer ring raceway surface examined. Large bearings, because they can't rotate with the hand, pay attention to check the raceway of roller and cage, metope, such as the appearance, the higher the importance of imported bearings, to be more careful check for imported bearing drop.


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