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Bearing system

SUNON to satisfy different market needs, copper sets of bearings or ball palin to produce cooling fan. If the consideration of economic solution and the operation of the quiet, copper sleeve bearing is the best choice in most applications. SUNON copper shaft system, includes sintered metal bearing with special lubricating oil, using fluid mechanics effect with high use fixed number of year with minimum noise. The life of the cooling fan often depends on the reliability of the bearing, SUNON copper bearing system has been confirmed with the characteristics of high efficiency and low heating. Tens of millions of SUNON copper sleeve bearing cooling fan are used for SUNON customers and affirmation. With precision ball perlin system made of SUNON the cooling fan, can meet the high temperature environment operation, specific installation position and long-term use fixed number of year, etc.

SUNON small DC cooling fan, blower fan and CPU cooler is equipped with precision ball bearing palin, its thickness is only 2 mm, outside diameter 4 mm. Given the perlin bearing life is the main factor to decide the cooling fan to use fixed number of year, SUNON according to the following three important conditions to evaluate choose ball palin: (1) the lubricating oil, (2) bearing material, (3) palin life. The purpose of the lubricating oil is to reduce friction and wear, prolong the service life and friction heat. Palin theoretically in the ideal life of lubrication conditions can be accurately calculated. Palin when choosing materials must be in rolling contact, high fatigue strength, hardness, wear resistance, dimension stability and mechanical strength. Palin bearing of life definition from start to use until completely lost his ability to scroll during this period. And in the meantime, the length of the noise, wear and lubricating oil (grease) and rolling fatigue to decide. Despite the proper installation and correct use of bearings, after using for a long time, still unable to play its function successfully. SUNON small cooling fan, blower fan and CPU cooler adopts a kind of high quality mini ball perlin system, by using the advanced, accurate perlin bearing system, under the environment temperature 25 ℃, its service life can reach 50000 hours.


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