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Top 10 Completely Natural Air Purifiers

Probably since air purifiers were introduced to US homes, people have always been on the look for the most organic way to provide clean air for the entire family. Probably the most organic way to achieve this is with the help of plants – many have the ability to remove bad odors, dangerous air particles and also naturally lower the levels of carbon dioxide around the house. Here are my top 10 plants for 100% organic air purification:


Bamboo Palm

Air humidity is pretty big problem in many large cities around the world and recent studies performed by NASA suggest that the Bamboo plant does incredibly effective job when it comes to improving it and also remove formaldehyde, which is incredibly dangerous for our health.

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is great for growing outdoors and it easily adapts to different weather conditions, making it really easy for growing. Its also very efficient when it comes to removing multiple toxins, such as carbon monoxide and it’s also declared to be one of the most effective plants to remove formaldehyde.


What better way to make your home a lot livelier than to grow few rosemary plants to release their pleasant scent, while purifying the air. This evergreen plan will do wonders with your home’s air quality and can also be used for cooking or tea.


How about some aromatherapy at your home? If you grow few lavender plants, you will experience the full benefits of the plant and also repel these pesky summer insects that ruin your sleep. The lavender scent helps with relaxation of the entire body!

Coffee Plant

If you have a bit more patience, you can grow a beautiful coffee plant to help you purify the air around your home and also the unique opportunity to grow your own coffee beans (this takes about 4 years).


The flowers of Jasmine are open only for few hours, when the temperatures are lower, but its scent is incredibly relaxing. This will greatly compliment your dining experience.


Mint is highly recommended for use in homes, where some family members suffer from long diseases. It has really pleasant aroma and it’s very easy for indoor growing!


Basil can reduce carbon dioxide in the house and also can be used for various cooking, as well as healing purposes. It’s suitable for growing in all climates.

Snake Plant

For all those, who feat that they will not be able to look properly for their plants, the Snake Plant is the best option. It’s incredibly effective when it comes to removing formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides.

Gerbera Daisy

Studies over the qualities of Gerbera Daisy flowers suggest that these plants are great for removing bezine particles from air! Furthermore they also provide a lot more oxygen during the night, compared with other plants. 

While I can guarantee that these herbs are perfect for indoor use, I still prefer the more effective air purifiers for home use. I got mine from Clean Air Plus (www.cleanairplus.com) and it’s incredibly reliable! 


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