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Green Resolutions for 2014


New year’s day is resolutions time and normally, I wouldn’t make any. However, since a couple of years ago, I re-started the trend and surprisingly, they kind of worked. This is why this year, I am making a new batch of resolutions to start the year right and keep me going until the end of the year. This time around, my focus is on green resolutions.

Go Organic

For months I have been wanting to adapt a healthier lifestyle and going organic. Some people think that going organic is expensive. But there is a less expensive way to do this. You can grow your own vegetable garden and just harvest what you need from there. If going organic is a little bit more expensive than your usual food choices, you can make adjustments and cut back on some of your unnecessary expenses so you can invest more in your health. Remember, health is wealth and the earlier we embrace a healthier lifestyle, the happier we will be.

Go Green

Going organic doesn’t just pertain to food choices, it can also mean going green, choosing options that have less or zero impact on the environment. These days, I have been more conscious of the things that I am using. I try to use cleaners with natural ingredients rather than those with harsh chemicals. I also pay more attention now to biodegradable and recyclable labels on items. These choices are not only healthier for you but also for our environment.

Go Green Travel

One of the things that can inspire you--if you have not gone green yet--is the magnificent grandeur of mother nature. This year I want to travel to places that showcase this glorious beauty and places where people caring for the environment has managed to help protect this natural wonder. A friend of mine who recently visited Hawaii has often told me of the peoples’ efforts there in conserving wildlife and its environment. It must be a very beautiful place to visit. If you are planning to travel green, just remember to always take travel insurance. There are insurance companies such as Seven Corners that have plans to fit whatever traveler’s needs or budget. I hope that others too will embark on journeys that will help them to discover the gift of nature’s beauty and hopefully inspire them to embark on their own quest to help preserve the environment.

What’s your green resolution for this year?


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