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Enjoy Multiple Benefits of Water Extracted Humic Acid for Your Agriculture

Humic Acid – A Must Have for Agricultural Practices

Humic acids are the smallest in size and complex molecules that are formed naturally from the microbial decomposition of organic stuff including decaying plant materials. These acids are always present in healthy and pure quality soil. In unhealthy and extremely low quality soils the organic cycle of humus formation with degradation of plant roots, soil microorganisms and fungi gets disturbed, resulting in depletion of humic acids that are most important for plant health, growth and/or vitality. As soil in many agricultural lands is not always in perfect condition, adding humic acid to agricultural soil can help bring quick improvements in soil structure and restore it to its earlier condition.

Water Extracted Humic Acid for Maximized Soil Health and Better Farm Yield

Humic acid products vary in quality and value. They are obtained from organic sources of variable quality available in the world. Many poor quality sources contain humus that is rich in metals or need the utilization of harmful chemicals or heat for extraction.

The choice of pure distilled water extraction method can produce humic acid with greater purity and biological function while maintaining the required quality guidelines of WEFHAS standards.  The water extracted humic acid is prepared in line with WEFHAS certification standards to provide consumers with high quality and naturally extracted humic acid without the inclusion of hard synthetic chemicals, toxic materials or heat.
Multiple Agricultural Benefits of Water Extracted Humic Acid

1.    Brings a boost in the efficiency of chemicals applied on lands like fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides etc
2.    Stabilizes chemical fertilizers in agricultural land.
3.    Controls the PH of the agricultural soil to create the best conditions for plant’s survival and growth
4.    Improves soil’s capacity for Cation Exchange
5.    Accelerates beneficial microbial activity
6.    Releases bound and immobilized soil nutrients for plant use
7.    Prevents conditions in soil that would end in runoff or volatilization
8.    Makes toxin materials inactive or convert them into beneficial forms

Humic Harvest wants to bring all the above discussed benefits to farmers all across the world at a very low price. It offers the best quality and highly effective humic acid products for agricultural use. Be sure that all of its products are organic, naturally extracted and have the best chemical buffering ability.

If you want to have no heat or harmful chemical treated humic acid products for enriching your agricultural soil, order water extracted humic acid at Humic Harvest. We will deliver pure and organically extracted humic products with assurance of bringing a boost in your soil quality and performance.


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