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Organic Housekeeping: Banana And Rice In Cleaning

Organic way of living has become widely popular in the past years. More and more people decide to try organic living and fall in love with it and it's great positive effects on health. There are many ways to introduce organic style to your life, starting with organic food, or organic gardening. And why not organic housekeeping? There are many interesting methods you can apply at home and make use of items you would usually throw away and not even consider using for anything. Such might be banana peels and rice. There are great ways you can apply them in your daily cleaning process and enjoy great results in an extremely healthy way. Here are some great uses of banana and rice in housekeeping that you might have never heard of.

Use Of Banana In Cleaning

It might come as a surprise to some people, but bananas have a very effective use in housekeeping. Banana peels have features that allow them to effectively clean in an ecologically-friendly manner. Using bananas in cleaning is a brilliant way to eat healthily and green-clean your house. Here are some housekeeping activities bananas can be used for, except for eating.

Polish Leather Furniture

Bananas can be used to polish leather furniture. Rub the inner side of a banana peel on leather surfaces and then wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Your furniture will look shiny and clean.

Polish Silver

You can also use the inner side of a banana peel to polish silver. Do the same as with the furniture – rub the peel, wipe with a cloth and make your silver shine.

Clean Water

This might not be a hundred per cent effective, therefore it's better to be left to professionals like EndOfTenancyCleaners, but studies have indeed shown that dried and made into powder banana peels can absorb toxins in polluted water. Super effective or not that much, we are not quite certain yet, but you don't risk anything if you try.

Clean Dusty Leaves Of Your Plants

This is another interesting use of banana peels. The moisture in the inner side of a banana peel has the effect of a natural moisturiser for plants. You can clean the dusty leaves of your plants and freshen them up. At the same time, the nice scent of the banana will remain in your home and leave a nice exotic fragrance in the room.

Use Of Rice In Cleaning

Another great way to apply environmentally-friendly products to your housekeeping process is using rice in cleaning. Rice is not only good food, it's also an effective cleaning tool that can come pretty handy around the house.

Clean A Vase

Vases make a beautiful decoration in the house. There are plenty of different vase designs and shapes that bring a nice touch to your home. But how about dirty vases? Some special curves can be pretty hard to clean. That's where rice comes to help. Put a bit of rice at the bottom of the vase, pour hot water inside and let it sit for a couple of minutes. This will give the water the time to break into the dirt and loosen it. Then stir for a few more minutes. The rice grains will scrub the dirt and absorb it. Rinse the vase with water and here you have a perfectly clean vase.

Dry Electronics

Accidentally wetting an electronic device can be a true disaster. You can use rice to dry electronics. Put the wet device into a bowl of rice and let is sit there for an hour or so. The rice will absorb some part of the moisture.


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