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How to Select Environmentally-Friendly Furniture


Protecting the environment and fighting pollution and global warming requires action from people at all levels of society, especially homeowners. For those trying to make their home more sustainable, there’s one way to help the environment you may not have considered before—by purchasing environmentally-friendly furniture.

Furniture Made from Reclaimed Wood

To help the environment, you don’t have to actually avoid furniture made from wood. What you should be trying to do instead is not contribute to more forests being cleared to create more wood. One way to do this is by purchasing furniture made from reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood is wood that was previously used for another purpose and was going to go to waste. One large source of reclaimed wood is condemned buildings that are on schedule to be demolished. The wood retrieved from such buildings can then be used to make things like tables, bed frames, chairs and more.

Furniture Made from Other Recycled Materials

Recycled furniture, however, does not need to stop at reclaimed wood. Furniture can be made out of nearly any material that can be recycled. For example, stylish lounge chairs can be made out of recycled plastic. Recycled metal can be used to create a stunning dining room table. Even the rubber from tires can be repurposed into furniture.

Wicker Furniture

Alternatively, you could choose furniture not made from wood but from other sustainable materials that do not create pollution. One excellent choice is wicker. Wicker furniture doesn’t require cutting down trees. Instead, it’s created from the weaving of branches, vines or grass into a pattern.

The material used is simply weaved around a frame that creates a piece of furniture such as a chair, table or bench. Common materials that are used in wicker furniture include bamboo, willow, rattan and reed, which can all be grown sustainably without negatively impacting the environment. Beautiful wicker furniture is available through special deals from Design Furnishings and will enhance the look of your home without adding to your environmental impact.

Sustainable Wood

Lastly, there is the possibility of using furniture that is created form trees grown to be chopped down and made into furniture. However, this wood should be grown in a way that is a sustainable. This includes wood taken from tree farms or forests that have been certified as sustainable sources of harvested wood. Just make sure to confirm for sure whether or not the wood was grown sustainably before purchasing this kind of furniture.

Overall, finding furniture that does not contribute to the clearing of forests or pollution is much easier than you think. All it requires is searching a little harder and performing the proper research to confirm whether or not a piece of furniture is environmentally friendly.


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