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Selling Diamond Rings Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Before, I used to think that it is hard to sell a diamond. I can’t imagine bring a thousand dollars stone to a store and taking the risk of having it stolen. All these because you just desired to get the financial assistance that you need. Then, while surfing the net, I learned that there is a safer way to sell a diamond ring. No, it doesn’t have to be risky, all it takes is to look for the right online store. I sell my diamond ring at speedydiamond.com and I don’t regret it every time I do so. Besides, I have proven their worth all these years. I know the importance of taking precautionary measures when I sell my diamond. That is why I am very picky when choosing the right buyer when I sell my diamond ring. Whether I sell my engagement ring or just sell a diamond ring, Speedy Diamond has always been the best buyer for me. Hence, I will not trade this store for anyone else. You can visit this link to know more about this store.


All you need to do to sell diamond to Speedy Diamond is to visit their site first. This way, you will have an idea what type of buyer are they and how you can benefit when you choose them. If you have no idea about grading diamonds, you may just send simple descriptions and image of it. However, this is not very reliable and prices can be hard to determine using this method. For fast quote, you can enter a detailed description like the shape of the diamond, the largest diamond’s carat size, its color clarity and certificate. Also, you may include information of additional diamonds and their kt. It also matters to weigh these stones and inform your buyer their total weight. Add their total carat and their estimated price. A photo of your ring specifying the stone’s measurement is also essential. Lastly, you have to enter all your contact details so that personnel of Speedy Diamond can get back on you. Once you have submitted all the information, expect to receive communication from one of their staff soon.

If you want to ask something from Speedy Diamond and you can no longer wait for email reply then may as well call their toll free and local number. It pays to know that someone is at the end of the line, waiting to answer your call. However, if your query can wait, you can always send an email.

Once you have sent your diamond stone and they receive it, they will grade the stone to know of its exact value. Lastly, expect for payment to be deposited to your back account sooner than you expected after they have given you a confirmation call about the selling transaction. Remember that it is very easy to sell diamond stones these days and you always have the option to choose the best offer. And Speedy Diamond can be your best option.


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