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Viable Ways for the U.S. to Reduce CO2 Emissions


The steady increase in levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a concern for everyone due to global warming and ocean water pollution. Global warming is changing climate patterns worldwide, leading to changes in food production and lifestyles for the population. Today, researchers are trying to find viable ways for United States’ industries and private individuals to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to protect the environment from additional pollution.

Reducing Coal Usage

Reducing the use of coal in homes, businesses and manufacturing plants is an important way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Not only will burning coal and its derivatives lead to an increase of carbon dioxide in the air, obtaining the fuel and converting it to useable energy damages the atmosphere. Agencies of the United States that regulate digging and using coal can provide incentives for mining companies to find safer fuel options.

Creating Better Equipment

There are ways to create better equipment that removes carbon dioxide from gas emissions at factories to avoid polluting the environment. Experts can also design systems that clean emissions to remove carbon dioxide gasses to prevent the greenhouse effect. To encourage manufacturing plants to upgrade to new machinery that does not emit carbon dioxide or helps to remove the gases, the United States government can offer tax incentives to reduce the financial burden of adopting new technologies.

Offer Incentives to Homeowners

Making it easier for homeowners to make changes to their home to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is also vital. A major source of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is climate control that includes using fuel operated cooling and heating equipment. To reduce the amount of fuel required to keep a home at a comfortable temperature, homeowners can add insulation to walls and attics or place solar panels on a roof. Making it less expensive for homeowners to make changes to a home to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions is essential.

Additional Viable Ways to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the United States

It is also important for the public to have easy access to everyday energy saving devices such as public transportation, hybrid vehicles and compact fluorescent lightbulbs. All of these items are great ways for private individuals to make an impact on the reduction of carbon dioxide to prevent environmental pollution along with avoiding the greenhouse effect. Many people have already begun to make changes in their homes and businesses, leading to cleaner air.

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