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These days, there is this great hype concerning the question of preserving the environment and this isn’t just some passing trend. The awareness of the general public is on a steady rise in the last decade and is still going up. People are getting informed and are actively trying to prevent pollution and the further deterioration of the environment. This can be viewed through the active participation of various communities in projects (organized by them or the government) which take actions that help keep our planet healthy. This has caused major changes in almost all industries and laws are adapted to deal with some of the major problems with pollution and, environmentally speaking, most destructive elements. All this is accomplished by the active pressure of the general public.

Marketing and the environment


Now, I am not saying that products created as promotional material are one of the major elements that influence the deterioration of our environment, but they certainly do their part. The fact is that promotional products are mass produced in order to be offered as a positive incentive for potential customers. They are also used to promote the company’s name on a larger scale and raise its popularity in general. In most cases, these products are of very low quality and that’s why they get discarded very quickly, since they are perceived as useless or they break down quickly. Here I’m talking about the promotional material that actually has a purpose aside from promotion – like bags, pens, lighters and so on. The amount of paper that is spent annually on flyers, posters, newsletters and billboards is astonishing. This paper is always tossed aside and this is a normal everyday thing. Nobody ever said:”I’m going to save these. They might come in handy.“ and no one ever will. If you are lucky enough and the people of your town are really environmentally aware, there is a chance that this paper will be recycled and reused but in most cases it ends up becoming litter and nothing more.

Now this paper has to come from somewhere and the number of trees that are cut down in order to produce paper is greatly increased by this form of advertising. This is done on a daily basis across the planet in every city without exception. Now, since we have already mentioned that it is rarely recycled, can you imagine how much paper is wasted around the world every day?

People have realized this and are starting to boycott this kind of marketing and that’s why there has to be a change when it comes to promotional material.

Green promotional material and what it can get you

Well, more and more companies are joining and supporting green initiatives and are promoting themselves by taking positive action and financing more ambitious moves. This usually includes large crowds and great media coverage by all relevant media. Big marketing moves like these always get relevant echoes in the media and they reach a great part of the audience of all ages. While older people here about this in the news, the young usually learn about it over social networks on the Web. I think it is clear that by pulling these kinds of moves, you can create great positive exposure for your company.


Marketing products

There has been a slight change in the field of marketing products. Namely, a new attribute that is highly desirable for a marketing product has appeared and that is the attribute of it being green. This is how it works. You create a marketing product that has decent quality, handles a certain need that people have and you put, for example, your logo on it. On top of that, you make sure that it is in some way environmentally friendly, be it that it is recyclable, that it doesn't harm the environment when discarded or lowers a certain type of pollution. I’ll give you an example. Promotional water bottles that are made from stainless steel or aluminum, which at the same time protect your health, are eco-friendly and reduce the amount of plastic use and pile ups. This is a quality product which promotes your company and is something that the target audience actually wants to have. Things like these pay for themselves and show far more positive results when it comes to the promotion of your brand.

When it comes to quality marketing, you have to pay attention to the way people react to things and try to insert the promotional part of your effort into something that people stand for in general and this is the new big thing.


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